KH free trials promo - your thoughts

there is a promo for a free KH trails uni at It’s one of the links at the bottom of the homepage.

It sounds really cool, but then as I read the cells where you need to fill out your personal info, it asks for birthdate. These days with identity theft at record high levels, I backed off and didn’t give them my info. My feeling, is that it’s just one more place that has a piece of my personal information, so I regretfully let the offer pass. It just raised a “flag” for me.

Once you click in the zip code, they ask for phone numbers address - all things to help identify myself to credit card issuers. I input a fake zip code and got this statement at the top “By participating in our Incentive Promotion, the gift Kris Holm TrialsTM Unicycle will be yours to keep.”

Wow, I guess I won… sounds too good to be true. If it sounds, like it, then it probably is…

Anyone know anything about this outfit? or am I just being overly cautious?


It seems to me to be relatively legit. It is very similar to the free ipod websites. I have created a fake account and i’m going through its process right now. I will let you know what happens when I get to the end of it.

Congratulations! This promotion is available for consumers in l8l 7m1!

No thanks…

Congratulations! This promotion is available for consumers in omg lol!

Yeah, it’s fake.

Just a simple google search for will flag a load of people who are more than a little upset about this site. It’s a typical example of an old traditional pyramid selling scheme bought right up to date.

Whenever the word free is mentioned, you really have to question if it is a) really free or b) something that you need. It is very very rare for anything to fall in to both of those categories.


It sais in the fine print that it is only available to residents of the US. I have gotten to the last stage of it and it is basically an overly complicated version of the ipod deals.

Here is some information that although I believe this is real and you can get a free KH trials, scares me away from it.

So basically, unless you have a fully working fake identification, I would stay away from it. If you really want a KH its not worth all the agrivation this will cost you to get it.

After reading the passages you marked in bold, I thought this was a phishing site (scam to collect sensitive information). Generally, it is illegal to require someone to provide their SSN to identify themselves. One exception to that rule that I know of is when one is getting a credit report.

I checked with Netcraft and found the web site to be somewhat legitimate… the domain has been registered to a US corporation for at least 8 months. Most phishing sites are registered overseas and only hold on to their domain name for a month or so before they’re shut down.

Everyone should be aware of the fact that your SSN is to be held in high confidence. Okay, offer it to the bank. Maybe offer it to your doctor, but only if they insist. Whenever you have the opportunity (and you must ask most times), withhold this information… as you should with your city of birth, mother’s maiden name, etc. Now that information theft is all too common, you must remain vigilant to avoid becoming a victim.


KHU has nothing to do with this promotion, and is out of stock of the KH20. Since UDC is the only wholesale source where this site could obtain a KH20, I very much doubt they would follow through on any claim of a “free” KH20.


Haha, thats wicked. Cheers Kris, now if anyone was dumb enough to fall for the scam they will know for sure that its a scam because the man who makes the uni’s has condemned the “giveaway” :smiley:

I proved it was a scam just by entering fake codes into the ZIP Code box… you could enter anything…

That doesn’t garantee a fake website, I use fake contact info all the time to check prices on shipping and the like from forein websites. Most of the time all they care bout is that it is in the proper format of the country selected but often not even that.