kh frame

is it worth buying this kh frame for big drops and extreme street uni

i want to replace my nimbus II frame

its for a 20"

Theres nothink ablut the KH frame that makes it great for big drops or street…Except maybe the fact that its lighter…this frame will not improve your skill at alll…though it does looks very nice.

what hub do you have?
if you dont have a splined hub i would recomend upgrading that before the frame. There is more stress put on your hub and cranks then your frame when riding.

Dont worry about your frame, the Nimbus II frame is really stron. IT was me and a lot of riders use on our trials uni. And I do 5+ foot drops on a regular basis on mine, and some going up to 8 feet.

If you really want to save a few ounces, and spend the amount of money for iit, you can, but I would say it isnt worth it.

CrMo frames like the Nimbus frame are generally stronger than aluminium frames like the Kris Holm (even 7075 aluminium with a strong design frame). You will have to consider weight and strength. For street you might like the lighter frame.