KH Frame-Worth the money?

Ok, so i did a search but didnt really find wat i was looking for. I think i remeber a thread like this, but i am not positive, srry if this is a repost.

My question is:

Is the KH frame worth the money? :thinking: I am looking into buying a new frame and rest of the uni parts to go with my new(ish) wheelset, but i dont know if the KH frame is worth the money. I know that a KH complete is, but 200 for just the frame seems like a lot. I am mainly comparing it to the Nimbus II frame, but i also welcome other options. And for those who dont know i am mainly a trials rider, but i want to be able to do frame tricks as i like street, it just isnt my main focus.

Thanks to all!

Looking at things from a utilitarian standpoint, all most frames do is hold the seat in place.

Some people insist a frame must be light, or strong, or look pretty. Nonetheless, people are still out there riding on $40 Taiwanese steel frames and they can ride however they like with little problem.

I’m one of those people. I’ve been riding a 20er and a 24er with $40 Taiwanese (I think) steel frames, doing crazy drops, throwing my unis down the mountain, flying through the air, yadda yadda, and my frames show but a couple scratches on them. They’re worth every penny I paid for them, and then some.

If you were careful about not dropping your uni much, and you didn’t do many fancy stand-on-the-frame tricks, nor did you do any death-defying drops onto flat concrete, you might be able to get away with a wooden frame.

That being said, buy what you feel you need…

From all accounts, yes. The KH frame is pricey because it is the result of much research and development, because it uses premium materials, and because it kicks butt (and looks good doing it).

However, you cannot buy groceries with a KH frame. If you don’t need a premium frame, keep the cash in your pocket and use it for what really matters.

Well in my mind a K1 or Nimbus frame would be better. Their both identicle, Nimbus has machined bearing holders though. While on the other hand K1 looks cooler.

Its up to you really, just get something to match the colors of your other parts

you think nimbus is bett than KH

ill get it PC’d:p

I had the exact same delima about a month ago…and i decided to gt the nimbus frame. i love it too. its amazing.

yeah my qu-ax frame is pretty similar, besides weight and bearing holders, but ive never tried a KH, anyone tried both frame types?

My kh frame has been going strong for the last 3 years or so, and I love it. It has been loved, abused, and abused some more, and it still working perfectly.

yes it is $200, but really, $200 is not very much when you think about other things. a nice chair could easily be more than $200 ect. A similarly high end bike frame would be more than $1000.

If I had the chance to go back in time and re buy my kh frame, I’d still buy it.

Ive tryed both. I like the KH better of coarse but only because its lighter.
If you dont like the extra weight of qu-ax puts on get a KH frame but if it doesnt bother you then i wouldnt spend 200+ on a brand new frame. I would wait until you can find a good deal on a second hand one .

Well $300 would get me a nice 24’’ nimbus muni with KH moments.
I would rather save for that than take a little weight off my uni.
$200 bucks is a lot for some people

Id say its worth it. its lighter, and with the nimbus 2 frame my pantlegs kept getting ripped from flip tricks. I have broken a kh frame, but theres a warranty on it so no biggy. Actually, if you are a trials rider, it shouldn’t even matter all that much. weight isn’t that big a deal with trials, and you dont do much flip tricks when riding trials(duh). Do whatever, you should be satisfied with both.

Let’s think about other things then, shall we?

In the USA, a person making minimum wage makes less than $200 in a 40 hour work week.

In Mexico, the minimum wage was just increased to $4.86 a day. To earn $200 USD, a Mexican citizen would have to work over 41 days: with a six-day work week, that’d take almost 7 weeks.

China has no minimum wages. The average wage for a factory worker is about $40 a week: it would take five weeks for someone to save $200.

Keep in mind, these people have to spend money on food and shelter… I’m not taking that into account here.

Conditions in Haiti are so bad right now that over 3/4ths of the population must “make do” on less than $2.25 a day… so basically a Haitian would have to starve for over 88 days in order to afford a KH frame.

Miles, if you REALLY think about it, you’re quite lucky to have been born into an affluent American family. Don’t take that for granted!

(Sorry for the threadjack)

Edit: thanks for making my point much more succinctly, XCcrev!

Very nice math there. :roll_eyes:

$200 vs. $42
536g. vs. 770g. (.52 lbs heavier)

You have three choices in powder coat colors on the Nimbus.

If it’s for pure trials you can get the rounded crown frame for $25, a bit lighter than the II (check on the bearing size though).

You can get about the same weight savings w/ an aluminum post, and cf seat base for less $.

I’d say save your money for a Muni, or something else.

will a better frame make you a better rider?

Hmm, I’m riding KH now, and I’m still kinda crap LOL.

Dollar wise, it would seem that getting a whole KH 20 from ebay or AEB for 400$ would be way better then patching stuff together starting with a 200 $ frame.

I’m sure that for better riders, it’s easily worth the small amount of $ to just know they are feeling the lightness, if you know what I mean. The feeling that you didn’t hold yourself back by riding a heavier machine to save 150 $. You know, like riding was important to you, you want to get better, even if it costs 150 $. That feeling.:slight_smile: Like you are a serious rider who would spend 150 $ on the one tool that can help you reach your goals. You know, like you cared about something more then pocket change. More then three video games. Like you cared. That feeling.:slight_smile:

I like it…I really like it for trials…etc…

Its light…nice design…not great for crown tricks…but it is designed for trials so…

Buy it from Darren for $175…and he isnt that far away from you either…


Why not great for crown tricks? It is designed for trials and street and I liked it better for crown tricks than the nimbus styles frame.

If you dont want to get a kh because its to expensive I recoment you besides the Nimbus that quax frame. It doesnt look as good as the koxx ones but for the 30€ the koxx cost more you can powedercoat it somewhere.

Well I think personally that an 04 KH frame or Bedford would be better for crown tricks…I dont know…thats just my thought. Like of course you can use it for that…but I am just saying there are better frames out there for that sort of stuff…

not making NY min wage. I worked a 40 hour week over my christmas school break and made $230, and more taxes were taken out hten then in my normal week. i could save up for that frame in about 2 normal work weeks.

mornish has a point, ski goggles are 100 easy, seems like googles for half the price of a frame is in favor of the frame, but then agin, it depends who you ask.

wouldnt bedford import charges and shipping be really expensive?

The price of something is relative to how much coin you have. On the normal scale of things, for a serious DHer Muni dood, 200 bucks for a frame is a steal. You go into it knowing that an alum. frame will not last forever - I look at them almost as disposable, good for three years, max. That’s a lot of bang for the buck, especially when world-class MB frames (more substantial, granted) go for ten times that much.


I got $150 from bedford, and yes. it’s worth it.