KH frame repair

What luck! I found a local welding place where I could to take my old KH frame to have another weld bead put around the seat tube where it connects to the crown; it had a hair crack in it and needed repair. He also welded the two small cracks at the bottom of the slot where the clamp goes on. He said I could sand those down before I paint it.

So I took it there earlier today, and when the owner saw that it was a uni frame, showed me his antique 5 foot giraffe that his dad had made for him back in 1938!!! This guy is amazing, and at 85 years young plays golf everyday, and used to race motorcycles for a living!

He did the weld while I waited and only charged me $10! He also let me watch with an extra welding visor he had. I only had my cell phone with me so I snapped a pic of his uni and saved it as my screensaver! (below)

Btw, his uni weighs close to 30lbs! I told him he should take it to Twins bike shop and have it cleaned up and have a new tire and tube installed. He said he would do that and when he gets it back will let me video tape him riding it!

Looks like he still has a pretty steady welding hand even at 85.

what happens up by the seat post clamp

So here’s my 2007 KH 24, back in all her glory, and ready for some killer MUni!

I just finished the desert camo paint job, and once again running my Large Marge rim again with Intense 24x3 dh tire. Just have to add an new brake, which arrives this week, from Jacob Speara. Btw, the LM rim wouldn’t quite fit my Gravity frame, which is why I had this frame repaired. Also using my Scott Wallis cf base saddle, and Drillium pedals!




Be warned…it will eventually break again. I snapped the neck of one of my KH frames and rewelded it. The weld held fine, but it again cracked right above the weld. The trouble with welding is that the metal softens, and it needs to be re-tempered. It will work…for a while.


Thanks, that’s good to know. The crack was extremely small, (hairline) and I never would have even noticed it if the powder coat place hadn’t pointed it out. Hopefully because it was so small, this repair will hold for a reasonable time. I don’t plan to do any big drops, but will use it for technical MUni.

That’s a good deal. When I broke my shadow handle base, the only place I found that would weld it charged $80. I ended up buying a new one.

Thats quite a giraffe!! I wonder how good he was with it.

I have broken 3 of those, and each time gotten a new one from UDC Sweden without paying for it. I have been thinking about getting one of the broken ones welded to see if that will hold up better than the new ones. It is not fun when the uni breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve used this KH frame since I got in in 2007, and have ridden the heck out if it, and has held up beyond my expectations. It never did actually break; it only sustained some very slight stress cracks. All have been re-welded, so it should be ok for quite some time. Here it is with the brake installed, and ready to roll:


LOVE it! that is my favorite unicycle you own!

I was on vacation when my first Shadow broke. The guy at the boat shop welded it for $10 and I was able to finish my vacation riding.

My Shadow base broke in the same place (right on the weld) as some of the others I’ve seen. Like UniMyra, I had a very long walk back to the car. When the Shadow breaks, it renders the unicycle unrideable. I’ve since purchased a spare base which I take with me when I go on long trips and plan to be away from home for a while. Just in case.