Kh frame question

I am thinking about getting a used nimbus trials and noticed that there is a reduced price on the kh double crown on udc. I am thinking that I am going to be getting into flat and trials. Would it be worth it to upgrade the frame to that instead of the nimbus II frame?

Hell yes I’ve just up graded and loving every min. of my KH long neck frame. The KH frames are sooooo much lighter then the nimbus frames. I’ve already improved my static SIF side jump by about 2feet the first time I tryed

A lot of people have been lately asking if things are “worth it”. Only you can know the answer to that. A dollar value is a starting point, but then you have to decide how much you care about lightness and the different design.

Unicycler100 says it’s definitely worth it for him. I think it would be really interesting to play with for Flat (or Street or Freestyle) so it would definitely be “worth it” for me too.

Yea I dont flat and some street but not a lot mostly trials and the weight is soo much better, I love my Long neck and would never go back to a nimbus

And i’ll never go back to a kh :stuck_out_tongue:

We all can’t get sponsored and have almost $500 dollar frames.:slight_smile:
I’d get a KH for sure. though I know i would not like the double crown.

a KH frame is great, but i dont think the double crown is a good idea for trials, you’d probably hit your knees on it a lot.

if you want to do trials and flat, get the normal kh frame.

I dont know about the double crown for trials, you’ll just shatter your knees on it. I’d go for the longneck

The reason that I would get the double crown is that I dont have the money for the normal kh. So would most people hit their knees on it more than a nimbus frame?

The “double” crown is behind the seat post, so not during normal riding, but it’d probably be more in the way for SIF maneuvers than a KH/Nimbus2 frame design yeah.

Others will have to weigh in on statistics though :slight_smile:

John M

Maybe cut the 2nd crown off ? LOL.Flat and trials are opposite styles so you should decide what you prefer the most

Theyre $400 for 20" now.Price got knocked down :sunglasses:

Hmm, let me talk about collecting

A new small lot experiment, that didn’t sell so well. I would suggest that the 125 $ , half off sale means this frame will be discontinued.

Considering the 75 $ discount from a plain KH frame, I would get the double crown. Sure, maybe it is lamer at some stuff, better at others.

Rarity sometimes has value. You may learn to use the double crown advantage. If not, someone else might later trade you two new 2014 KH’s for your rare frame. At 125 $, that is some deal. They cost more to make. The 125 $ sale means it’s the end of the world for that frame. Later, if you want one, you must bid for the few extant examples.:slight_smile:

Bedford Unicycles have single crown short neck frames for $125 CAD ($118.82 USD). It’s on the 4th page, and you have to email Darren (the owner) to order stuff. I picked up one of these from him and it’s great.

Nice frames, but still too much for me. I’m happy with my aluminium K-1 frame right now.

Increased by two feet the first time you tried? That is one huge improvement. Did it then decrease by two feet on your second try?

Haha nope I’m still getting further and further everyday I try… I can almost static 2m SIF, I’m like 10cm off

Changing a frame cant increase your sidehop height by two foot!! or are you saying it increased your gapping by that? Yes Kh frames are very nice but I think something else may have had something to do with the improvement haha.

so your saying you can STATIC SIF 190cm , sorry but i highly doubt it :wink:

Haha thats what I was thinking also.