KH footage in JD music video


A year ago the Belgian DJ JD Davis sent me a note saying he was interested in using some stock footage for a music video called Life In the Extreme. I think it will play at his shows & on his site & and and other venues. Much as I don’t like that word, I thought it was cool he was interested and sent him some- always good to communicate outside our sport in unusual ways. Here’s the result:

JD’s page is


That, was AWESOME! Were most of those clips from Buthan?

Awesome video. DJ JD did an awesome job.

thats catch :smiley: Awesome obviously!

That’s some great advertising for our sport! The music is not exactly my coup of tea, but anyways, very cool!

Very nice.

Did remind me of the opening titles to Dallas though.


Looked like it was clips from both One Tired Guy and Into the Thunder Dragon (Butan).

:astonished::astonished::astonished: …that was an awsome vide!


Pretty awesome Kris I liked the footage,and think they did a good job with it nice.

Wow. Incredible footage, editing and music. Kris you are out of this world. Also makes me want to start learning to glide tomorrow.

WOW! THAT was a really, really good video! Couldn’t have picked a better rider, better footage, or better music for the whole kit 'n kaboodle. I bet you must’ve been pretty stoked to see that the first time! I know I sure was :slight_smile:

Enjoyed that. The video footage was very well integrated into the music, and vice-verse. Not my taste in music, but enjoyed it nontheless.

Excellent riding… I hadn’t seen some of the footage before :slight_smile:

Cool video, but I never heard from that DJ and I’m from Belgium to.
But anyway, the vid and song is great :sunglasses:

Wow, that was incredible.
Kris, you excellent riding skills combined with a talented editor and musician really made this video awesome!

I really need to learn how to glide :slight_smile:

Give the DJ two thumbs up for a good job with the editing and Kris, obviously you rock.

How’s the knee by the way?


JD DAVIS is belgian dj more international then in belgium its a dj from 1995 name dave davis after all he gives his voice on DAVID GUETTAS THE WORLD IS MINE and IN LOVE WITH MY SELF like for new album POP LIFE to… he is working right now on his solo carier… more to know about him u can go to the or


Cool video, not a bad song either…

wow… all I can say is wow… awesome video, the editing and the music just made it that much better.

Fantastic! It’s amazing how the choice of music and video transition selection can really change the whole vibe. I’ve seen all those clips before but presented in this way was so fresh and incredible!