KH flatland rim or wheelset

is anyone trying to sell a KH flatland rim or wheelset? (20")

… because I am looking to buy one


Are we talking true 20 inches or are you looking for a mod wheel (19 inches)?

Where are you located? What do you want to spend? Why KH?

The nice thing about 20" wheels is that you have a huge variety of rims available. And then there is the Nimbus Dominator 2 flatland rim if you really just want a uni brand.

I have a KH FL wheelset that I’d sell if you really need that wheelset. My wheel is on a uni that has only been used inside, for learning basic skills like idling, and one foot riding. I’m working up to wheelwalking. Anyway, as you can imagine the wheel looks new, and has no real signs of use.

The current wheel:
Rim: KH FL, 20"
Hub: KH Moment
Spokes: KH Black

So, you could have this one for the cost of replacement. I figure it should be around $150 for the parts to build a suitable replacement with a Nimbus hub, Sapim spokes, and an Echo rim. Then of course there would be shipping on top of it. I guess it could approach $200 by the time shipping figures into it.

thanks for replying,

im located in NJ, and I can’t find anywhere that would ship a 20" rim at a reasonable price. hbtrials ships a number of good rims for $25. I am also looking for a hub, so i would have to buy that elsewhere, which would also cost shipping $.

The dominator2 rim is still a good option, no doubt, but it looks kind of heavy, is similarly priced to the rims with drilled holes, and i don’t like the name ‘nimbus’ due to it’s connotations to hp.

Due to the lack of popularity of the KH rim (it is discontinued), i thought there would be people trying to sell their old ones.

I am looking to spend $200 maximum

I built a wheel for one of my students with an Alex DX32 20" rim and it was a great wheel. You may be able to find one of those even through your local bike shop.

The KH rim was discontinued, but not because people don’t like it. I think the need just wasn’t as big as the expense for producing another size. The popularity has more to do with the niche of flatland freestyle than it does with the quality of the rim. And let’s be honest, there are a lot of rims available that will work for flat.


thanks for the input.

I wanted to try and use the rim for trials too (but mainly flat), so a strong rim would be ideal.

I ride at a high psi, so I really don’t see the need to have a huge tire, except for grip maybe.

have you looked on I just went over there and saw a few rims that would work for you. You may be able to pick one up for a reasonable price with shipping. Just look in the “Trials Parts” page of the buy/sell section. You’re looking for a Mod Trials front rim, 20"