KH Factory Team Lineup 2011

Hey all,

Here’s a note about the KH Factory Team lineup for 2011.

First, Mike Parenteau and Spencer Hochberg are retiring off the team for next year. So thanks a lot to both of them for all their hard work - it has been really cool to have them on the team. Also thanks to those others who applied; it’s tough to pick a team with so many good candidates out there.

Second, welcome to two new riders on the team for 2011:

  1. Ben Sarten, trials and muni rider in New Zealand
  2. Bence Pinczés, flatland rider in Hungary

Some of you know Ben; he’s a strong trials and muni rider and also a really good ambassador for offroad riding in New Zealand. Benny is a really strong Hungarian flatland rider; he also won the track coasting event at UNICON last year (82.66 m).

And third, welcome back to everybody who is returning. The team lineup for the 2011 season is:
Adrien Delecroix (France)
Adrien Lichtfouse (France)
Lutz Eichholz (Germany)
Forrest Rackard (USA)
Max Schulze (USA)
Pedro Tejada (Brazil)
David Weichenberger (Austria)
Bence Pinczés (Hungary)
Ben Sarten (New Zealand)

I think it’s going to be a really good year =)


Benny Pinczes deserved this 100%. He’s a great rider, and I’m glad to see him on the KH team.

Looks like a solid line-up all around :smiley:

It’s a shame to see Spencer and Mike leave :frowning:

YESSSS! So awesome that Ben Sarten is on the team, Congratulations Ben!!! :slight_smile: Sad to see Mike and Spencer go tho. Congrats to all the other people to!

Also, a really big thank you to the co-sponsors of the KH team, who provide essential logistical (importing and shipping) support:

The co-sponsors are: Germany (Adrien Delecroix, David Weichenberger) USA (Max Schulze, Pedro Tejada, Forrest Rackard) Hungary (Bence Pinczés) New Zealand (Ben Sarten)
Qu-Ax supplying to CDK (Adrien Lichtfouse)
Qu-Ax supplying to Ajata (Lutz Eichholz)

Thanks again!


Omg ben yessssssssssssssss.

Oooooh benny in KH :o. Who will switch next, Krizs and Loic??? No way :p.

Bence wasn’t at the last UNICON, perhaps you mean the UNICON before NZ.

Thanks for everything Kris, the past 2 years have been great! Congrats to everyone on the team!

Good news.

yea ben!!! thats awesome


Awesome line up…

Congrat’s Ben…

We need some UK riders on that list next year!:stuck_out_tongue:

congrats to everyone on the team!

@Hung: we need some LIECHTENSTEIN riders on that list next year :smiley: (oh there are only two :stuck_out_tongue: )

It’s sad to see Spencer and Mike leave :frowning: But congrats to Ben and Bence
They’re great riders