KH Factory Team 2010

No Djifouze is my Surname :wink: :p:p

Awesome line-up. Cant wait to see what mikes going to bring to the table!

i may have to take a trip to Nelson…

congrats guys!

Thanks everyone! I’m very excited to represent KH.

Congratulations to everyone who made it on the team!

But Kris, what is it with ‘Factory Teams’. That’s such a silly term carried over from the bicycle industry :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to own a chocolate factory one day.

I bet the paint for Kris Holm Blue is mixed entirely by waterfall.

good luck :smiley:

nice team Kris !!
really good riders (best of the world…).
But I would like to see once a BIG ‘Kris Holm team vid’ :smiley: like addict and koxx do sometimes…

Then you should make a Factory Team and sponsor me :smiley:

For Sure! It’s the secret to have the KH Blue Tone… Without mention that Kris gives home and food for a colony of Oompa Loompas! Do you think that a man can weld a KH? It a task for special “mans”!


That may happens next summer! I had a project to make a great film with everybody for UNICON, but it’s quite hard. Me and Adrien are more into filming… Really studying it! It’s hard to mix different types of filming!

For K1 it was easier: Everybody lives in France and are always traveling to each other houses. For us it’s a bit harder!

Me and Adri are planning to make something next summer! At UNICON we’re going to put it on a paper, check costs and look for sponsors for it :wink:

Ha ha. But many KH team riders are on Dealer teams too. So I think the word still has it’s place.


Just go on down to the Cadbury factory in Dunedin!

Djifouze is not your surname but your nickname… ;). Congrats for making it to the KHU Team !

I want to add that Djifouze is also a strong Muni rider.

Kris, do french people have to be named Adrien to get on your team ? :wink:

Bad luck for you François:D

Nice team, a shame Dan H. went off the team, he was one of my favourite riders.
I’ll look forward to see some more stuff from these guys.

Hehe, two different misspellings… :stuck_out_tongue: