KH Factory Team 2010


I’m happy to announce the KH Factory Team for 2010!

Returning Team members are:
Max Schulze (USA),
David Weichenberger (Austria),
Adrien Delecroix (France), and
Pedro Tejada (Brazil).

New Team members are:
Forrest Rackard (USA),
Lutz Eicholz (Germany),
Adrien Litchfouse (France), and
Mike Parenteau (Canada)

Returning Ambassador Team member is:
David Hobbs (USA), also a member of the U.S. National Telemark Ski Team.

Thanks to everyone who applied. I think it’s a good mix of riding styles.

I also want to say thanks a lot to the outgoing team members: Justin Kohse, Dan Heaton, Kelly Hickman, and Christian Huriwai.



100% deserving

Also - a major thank you to all team co-sponsors!!

These co-sponsors cover all the logistics costs to get gear to team riders and it can’t happen without them. These are:
UDC USA (Pedro, David Hobbs, Max, and Forrest)
UDC Canada (Spencer, Mike)
UDC Germany (David Weichenberger, Adrien D., Adrien L.)
AJATA (Lutz)


Kris, you forgot Spencer in the returning riders column:p

Where’s the edit button when you need it…

Yes Spencer is returning too!


Nice team! Good to see Mike Parenteau, the crazy front flipping Muni rider in there. Is this the first mainly muni rider on the team ever?

Don’t forget Justin Kohse and Kris Holm haha

Mike is the first team rider to specialize in freeride muni.

Justin was (is) strong at slopestyle & and is a good all-around muni rider. David Weichenberger is of course a very strong muni rider too (Multiple World and National Champion for DH muni, '08 World Northshore Champion)

And of course back a few years ago now, Ryan Atkins was known for trials but was just as good at muni - both freeride and XC.


I don’t really watch videos in the forums so I was unfamiliar with a few of these names, but after youtubing some of the names, Mike Parenteau’s hunter 26 set up has reassured me that I should go with a 26" muni instead of a 24".

Congrats to all the riders!

Oooooooorsum team :smiley: Massively deserved Forrest.

Awesome, it should be a good year :slight_smile:

Great to see Lutz on the team, that’s a great addition! Congratulations!

And I look forward to see more flat/freestyle fusion stuff from Spencer.

Awesome Forrest!:smiley:

Looks like a great team:)

Awesome :smiley:

Nice Team Line-Up Kris :D!

Forrest and Mike really deserves it, Adrien with his crazy trials style and Lutz with his massive demos and shows! Can’t be better!

Also, thanks to the members who are leaving! Good luck on your next projects!

Thanks to Kris and UDC! As Spencer said, it should be a great year :wink:

I think he also does trials, while Mike Parenteau only does freeride muni (at least that’s what Dan Poirier said).

Key word here would be “specialize”. Mike lives in one of the best places in the world for freeriding (Nelson BC), so that’s his background.

David is really good at muni, both racing and freeriding, but he also has a big background in freestyle, trials and he does some street riding too. So definitely I’d consider him a high level all-rounder.

In the end it doesn’t really matter of course =)


lm so happy for the new

Just my name is LICHTFOUSE :wink:
is funny :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

amaizing team!

Nooooo! Your name is DjIFoUzE!

Joke :smiley: I know you for a long time and still misspell your name :smiley:

Sorry Adrien (but you also spelled your name lichtfosue in an email to me) =)

Will be sure to get it right next time I hope =)