KH Double Hole ISIS Moment Cranks 137/165

I am selling a bunch of Uni related stuff that was hardly ever user. This item is a brand new pair of KH Double Hole ISIS Moment Cranks 137/165. These “may” (i don’t honestly recall) have had been mounted once on a Uni, but were definitly not ridden on. I know this because I bought them and have never ridden these before. They are in new condition.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be posting a bunch of “like new” stuff later today or tomorrow. If you want to combine some items (like pedals, brakes, etc) with this, I can try and work out a fair price.

Msg me if you have any questions. My price is $80+ shipping. I am located 30 minutes outside of Philly if you are interested in a local pickup.


i would like to buy these but i’m not sure how much it would cost to send to New Zealand.

if it isn’t too much I might buy them

These are sold. thanks