kh double hole cranks

HI I was wondering if anybody had any problems with kh double hole cranks. Are they weaker than the regular moments and will they break/bend with big drops?

Kris Holm Moment cranks are bombproof. Period.

Seriously, no one has ever bent or broke KH Moment cranks as far as I know. Alot of riders now drill KH cranks to make them lighter and I’ve never heard of any bent cranks yet. I’ve drilled mine with pretty big holes and they are still perfectly straight, just like the day I got them 3 years ago!

Thanks that is some helpful info

I have a bunch of Moments, single and double holes, they are bomber as Jaco said. Double holes are a tad heavier and ther difference between the sizes is a bit large, so even though I have munis mounted with dual hole, I do’t often switch pedals positions. So, you might not use the option as much as you’d think…

Yeah, ive busted rims, hubs and pedals with my moments. maybe they are TOO strong :astonished:

Yah they are weaker than regular moments…

…but weaker than unbreakable is still unbreakable :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a couple pair, one heavily machined, along with some drilled out moments. I have bent a few cranks in the past but haven’t been able to tweak the KHs.

I can see it now:

Hey Kris, can you weaken those Moments a bit, they’re breaking my hubs :stuck_out_tongue: