KH Double Crown

I’m possibly going to be getting a KH20. Right now I’m nowhere near really needing one, but I’m planning on getting into street, flat, and maybe a bit of trials.

I’ve read some opinions that the double crown would get in the way for trials. How so?

I’m also wondering if extra crown would get in the way of hopping on the wheel (I’m not sure what the technical term is), as it would require one of the feet to be farther out when compared to right in and hugging each side of the frame.

It seems like it could be potentially useful and I don’t see how it would get in the way for trials (perhaps due to my complete lack of experience with it).

Any input?

I can’t see it affecting trials in any huge way. I rarely hit my legs on the frame anyways, plus it’s not like it sticks out the sides.

Hopping on wheel feels a little strange in the beginning but you get used to it very fast. I am a mainly trials rider but I dont think that it would efect my trials riding but I never had problems with hiting frames with my knee like others have.


Only thing I could see is the weight. That double crown is going to add some extra weight on.


Seriously, its a unicycle. Weight barley matters unless your unicycle is 14 pounds or more.

Sure it only matters on bike because unicycles doesnt care physic unless they are heavier then 14 pounds or more.

If you cut the neck down I don’t see why you couldn’t use it for trials. I wanted to do exactly the same thing until I realised I don’t have a spare £110 :frowning:

Indeed, although I’d prefer to not have to cut down a frame.

Plus I’m 6’0, so I think with the seat at its lowest it might be fine for me if I get into trials. Any input on this?

I suppose that will be ok, It would be easier to do SIF any way. Although saying that my friend is six foot and has his seat pretty low. I don’t know how low the seat can go on the DC to compare.

I’m 5’10" and I have my seat down all the way on the longneck for street (well, so that you can still tighten it, so not ALL the way down), and everyone at NAUCC made fun of me for having such a high seat. If I were a trials rider, I would probably have it maybe 2 inches lower, and most would perhaps have it even lower than that.

I would say the longneck for a 6footer is fine for trials and street and all that, but some would disagree. Trials may be pushing it.

i’m 6 foot and trials rider. if you get into trials dont put your seat all the way down if your just starting out cuz you wont be able to still stand. plus it helps to start out with your seat high for SIF then gradually lower it.

but to answer your original questions the double crown in my opinion wouldnt get in the way. and hoping on your wheel will just take time to get used to.

Does the double crown get in the way when you’re tucking at all??

I think it would a little bit.

Only one way to find out. =p

I’m still a very new rider (VERY new), and when I lowered the seat on my torker (08, lawls) I found it significantly harder to ride. Naturally comfort would come with time.

Damnit though. I can’t decide.

I’m 5,11-6ftish, I ride trials with my kh long neck and love it. My seat is all the way down. I’m not hunkered over getting back pains, but it’s still at a nice height for street stand stills and tucking. For me, it’s the perfect height, I’ve raised it a little and didn’t like it. I’ve also ridden frames smaller than that with the seat low, they were rubbish, no good for rolling hops. I couldn’t see you having to cut the frame down at all.

When I first started I had my seat way to low thinking it would help, now I figure right at my bellybutton is close to where I like it. Having a really low seat makes riding very uncomfortable, you don’t want it up your behind either, do what’s comfortable.

If you look at quite a few really good trials riders they all ride with really high seatposts. It makes more sense for trials to have a higher seatpost because then it is like having a longer lever.

I think it helps, it a lot easier with the double crown.

If you had a haircut you’d be 5’ 4".

how can the Double crown help when tucking??? :thinking: