KH Cranks

I’m going to be putting my new uni together tommorow :slight_smile: and I was wondering if you guys put any loctite on the crank arm bolts. I’ve never piece a uni together and I don’t want to mess it up from the beggining so let me know if there is a specific torque setting I need to use or what.


no way… you bought a KH? traitor… jk
KH is good. i just cant afford one.

No way. I’m a K1 man.

Its going to be a custom K1, it’ll just have KH cranks. Will post pics tommorow

So I’m guessing you guys don’t know about the cranks arm bolts?

I’ve never used loctite on any parts of my uni, including the crank bolts and I’m fine.

Question: how are you gonna put KH cranks on a Koxx uni?

Maybe he is using a KH hub too.

Seeing as the crank will be wedged onto the splines, there really isn’t any need for loctite on the bolt - just tighten it using an allen key with some kind of extension, to make it extra tight!

Just grease everything up, put some nice grease on the splines, bolts and cranks then slip them on and do them up real tight. Also what seems to work well is if you smack them with a rubber mallet then proceed to tighten them again it seems to drift them on further. I have taken my cranks off many times now and they come off and go on easy, grease is good stuff :smiley:

Alright thanks guys

@Ivan: I’m using a super secret hub that accepts KH cranks, among others. Look for pictures later today

Why KH cranks may I ask?

Well their cheap…and um…well thats about it actually

'swhat I figured.

can you post a photot of the hub?

I don’t know man, I’m probably in trouble just for even mentioning it to you guys. We’ll see

I won’t tell promise (i am being honist)

Remember, if it’s made of plasticine it’s probably not very strong. On the bright side, it’s quite easily replaceable. And fits any interface, ISIS or not.

I seriously need help right now. I’m putting on the KH cranks but they just wont go on. I even tried tapping them on with a rubber mallet but still wont go on all the way!!!

What to I do!!! need help

Did you grease them up properly? I usually use anti-seize.

Also, are you sure your hub fits Moments cranks?

are these moments or somthing else?

I’m using a nimbus hub so yes I’m sure they fit.

and I did grease them up, fairly well too.

This is what I used

I’ve heard (but had no experience) of the nimbus hub being too tight on one side and the cranks not going on all the way or, are you tightening the bolt? The hub I beleve is tapered so tightening the bolt is the only practical way to get cranks like that on.