KH cranks

how are these suckers holding up for everyone (besides the little thinggy at the base of the cranks)… no twists… no bends?

none yet.
-david kaplan

Somebody needs to really abuse these things and give a thorough report. Any takers?


You buy it, I try it!

My friend owns one of the KH 20s and the cranks haven’t budged at all since he got them. We’ve been shooting for the unicycle vid that we hope to release this spring and we’ve dropped 5 foot plus with it and it remains unaffected so… they are worth it. I would say this is the best you can get with your money. I mean, given, they don’t have the super warrantee that Profile has but… they hold up WAY better than the other options…

-Tim <------Link to new trailer!


Great video, thanks for posting it.


hey hey, in my video that i posted a while ago on “a uni vid of… ME!!” , im using the summit unicycle, and it has the KH cranks. im not sure wht all this talk about it hitting your ankles is, cause theres not problem here. they are holding up very well, and i think are probably the best choice next to the profiles. however, you need to get the hub with it which is expensive. they are certainly worth the money to get, but im not sure if it would be better to invest in a profile setup just for that warrenty. anyways, i think they are awesome, but its just my small opinion. see ya, Kevin

I’ve seen the new cranks and wonder why they have so much of a projection at the axle. Is all that metal necessary? What if one were to grind it off? It appears to be an extended contact surface for the axle, and probably standard on cranks that angle outward (and are usually longer). They probably only start to be a problem on these straight unicycle ones.

Kris has been silent on this issue so far, other than to mention they are a compromise between quality and price. So I get the impression it was a necessary drawback in the design. I’m also curious to hear how people are doing with them. Clipping ankles, or no problems?

when i first got my profiles (145mm) they clipped my ankles too, untill i adapted my riding style to the new cranks.

hey hey, no problems here with mine. no clipping the ankles, and no damage to them yet.
see ya kevin

Huh. I don’t have these cranks, but I have a healthy scar on the inside of each ankle. I didn’t really ever notice what it was from but suspected it was from muni shinguards. Thanks for solving the mystery, guys :slight_smile: