KH Cranks, studded tire and wheel for sale

Kris Holm ISIS cranks - 137/165mm. Excellent condition.

Nokian Freddie’s Revenz, 26 x 2.3, 336 studs. Insane traction. Used a handful of times, if that. See pic - nubbies not even worn off.

Old Nimbus wheel from Nimbus 26" Mountain Unicycle.

Not sure how any of this should be priced, so if you are interested, make offer. Located in greater Boston area for local pickup. Can calculate shipping cost, if interested.


You may wish to edit and add a location so people know where you are and whether shipping might be worth it.

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What’s the width of the hub on the wheel? Interested in the wheel and the cranks if the Hub width is wide. I am in NJ. Need 125mm on the width.

This is the standard, not wide hub width. I believe the hub is this:

What would you want for the cranks alone? I think I found a wheel.

Note that the cranks don’t have the disk brake rotor mount. I don’t know - half off retail? $50?

Sounds good. I don’t run disk brakes. I’ll take em. Let me know where to send the funds. and I will send you my address.



Will respond tonight. Out skiing :slight_smile:

Enjoy the final days!!

Apologies, got lost in work. I will get to this today.

No problem at all. Work can be like that…

Cranks sold.

Nokian Freddie’s Revenz and Nimbus 26" wheel still available.

Veetire Snowshoe XL 26x4.8 studded available as well. Used a handful of times, zero this season.

Is this 26" wheel still available?

I am interested and also in the greater Boston area.

hi! also interested in the wheel, if still available.

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