KH cranks Spirit dual 110/127 for street/trial - yes or no?

Hi it´s annoying to get somewhere on 19" uni with 140 mm cranks so I was thinking about shorter light cranks… Spirits are superlight and I can use 110 mm for moving around town. Would you recommend it or rather take different cranks?

Going to shorter cranks would be better, but to be honest a trials wheel isn’t made for getting places.

There are great vid’s of people doing trials and street on 24, or even 26" uni’s. I would say that if you want to get places, and ride when you’re there it may be worthwhile to get a bigger wheel.

Yes I know jtrops, bigger wheels are faster. I have 26" and 19", for longer distances or muni 26" is a winner. I use 19" for fun in the town but still moving only hundreds meters could be better. That´s why I´m thinking about shorter cranks, particularly KH Spirit 110/127.

It seems like a good experiment. Unless you can see yourself using the spirits later on for a 29er, or maybe even a lightweight road 26 wheel, you may want to consider just getting the 110’s. I don’t think you will gain much speed with the 127’s, and 110’s don’t seem too short for a 20. I guess you might be thinking that the 110 gets you there and the 127 gives you a bit more stability for jumping… I could see that working out. Still big wheel street can be really cool looking.

I love 24-26" street vids…but it´s out of my skill. Now I´m learning on small one. :slight_smile: You are right, I´m considering only 110´s but I´m afraid it would be uncomfortably short. In that case with duals I can swap to 127.

I’ve got 2 small-wheel learner-unis that I’ve tried different crank lengths on (a 19" KH trials and a 20" KH flatland). 110’s on the flatland are awesome for buzzing around, but the flatland also has a narrower and higher pressure tire so it’s not apples-to-apples. I just switched the flatland to 127’s though because I wasn’t skirting around much, and at my skill level (and for what I’m learning) the extra control helps a lot. That makes the unis very similar though. If I was starting over I’d probably just get the trials machine, but with 137/110s.

I have 110/125 Moments on my trials uni and as I’m doing not much trials on it, I’m having 110 set up most of the time. I’m using it mostly for playing polo :slight_smile: I prefer bigger unis, and trials with 110s feels more like a bigger one, so I’m happy with this setting.