kh crank problems need help asap

um before i get started i searched and couldnt find any ,“to the point answers”.back on topic i bought new pedals for my unicycle,i have 08 kh moments on it,the last time i put the pedals on the insert went about half a revoloution around on both cranks,i went to put my new pedals on and the inserts just slip to a point i cant tighten or loosen them,being a human i tried the angry way and just tried tighting them now one of the pedals is stuck and i cant move it.

i took them to a bike shop and they said it would be expensive to fix the problem and that it couldnt be fixed"somthing about pins inside the insert being brocken or somthing"

so does any one have any ideas or has this happened again.

sorry for my spelling im in a rush and need to get answers soon.:slight_smile:


See this is such bullshit, there’s some kind of malfunction with the moment cranks. I had the same problem as you, the pedals wouldn’t go on suddenly. I wrote and they said they don’t have the inserts so you have to buy a brand new set of cranks. This kind of pissed me off considering they didn’t care about the fact that their products are malfunctioning, and basically told me it’s my problem, now give them more money so I can buy a new set.

There’s been alot of other threads lately complaining of the same problem, and I think it should be looked into.

This is weird, I just got onto these forums then to post a thread, but it looks like there is already a few. I can’t take my pedals out, there stuck no matter what…and I have KH 07 moments…there just…STUCK :angry:

Exactly the same thing told me! They even told me crap that they were the only distributor of KH Products. But doesn’t Bedford, Compulsion and others distribute KH Products? Anyway I asked them if there was anyway i could fix the inserts and they said no you have to buy a new set of cranks.

What first happened to my inserts was, I was tightening on a pedal and they came loose and screwed all the way off. I haven’t had trouble with my new KH Moments but I also haven’t changed the pedals yet so let’s hope for the best!

I also have noticed a ton of problems being said about the inserts on the forums.

so you cant buy new inserts,thats pretty dumb why even have them,do tensiles have them i might look into them.

Haha the things you people are saying are funny.

Try searching again, I have posted about this more than once and I know others have as well.

can u put a link im that bad at searching.:frowning: