KH crank problem

I have a problem with my left KH crank, a couple of days ago i was going to switch around my cranks (equivilant to rotating the tire) but, after i took out the ‘clamp’ bolt then went to take out the actuall nub bolt, it would not budge:( I mean, it might just be cause i am a whimp, but i worked on it for 10 minutes and it wouldnt come off…Any advice would be great.


Re: KH crank problem

You could always ship it to me and I’ll take it off since I am not a wimp. I’ll send it back, don’t worry.

Seriously, though if you are having problems moving it there may be damage. If the only issue is your monumental wimpiness then consider adding a torque exender of some kind to your wrench. If you can put a long pipe on the end of your wrench and try to turn the pipe it will be easier as you will have a longer lever arm.


Is left your grabbing side?

The left crank on my Summit is flattened by the nub bolt so that the bolt does not come off by itself. The entire crank comes off as I back off the bolt, but the bolt and crank do come off.

The bolt could be bent or siezed. Have you had it off before?

May want a second or third pair of eyes to look at it before you start using leverage extenders. Otherwise, I’ve got some big hammers and an acetylene torch. :astonished: