KH crank insert

I need help figuring out what tool I can used to tighten a ring that fell off the inside of my KH crank. I know how to screw it back in, but it’s not tight enough to stay put. Any suggestions?

Use something like that:

Not sure if that’s the right tool… My BikeShop have that tool, I can ask if it works!

ah haha… thats a cool little trick there, i’ve always wondered how self-removing cranks worked.

I used two spokes, put them in the holes and angled them together, I then gripped them with some pliers and turned them with that. It worked realy well, got them realy tight. Probably not the best way to do it but if you dont have anything else it will work.

Also make sure you locktight it before you do it.

One problem you may have with using specific tools is because of the profile of the back face of the crank, it doesnt alow you to insert the tool properly. Thats why I used spokes.

a pair of circlip pliers or very thin needle nose pliers will do it. The pin tool shown above is better if you have to go and buy something, but you might have pliers lying around at home.

I just put superglue in mine and screwed it in as tight as i could using some pliers with pointy ends :p.I wouldnt recommend this way but its been fine since

Yeah if you check out your bike shop they can probably do it for you, or just buy a spanner… they don’t cost a fortune.

can someone help me my crank inserts are loose and when i try to take m pedal off it get stuck,can i just tighten the insert up and then undo the pedal??