KH color scheme?

What color scheme should I do on my 07 kh? I was thinkin frame black, rim white, and white seatpost clamp (white widdow), but the problem with that is that I would have to take apart my wheel…
So then i thought what if I just did my frame white? that way all the black parts would work, and the silver cranks would blend in to. What do u guys think? should I take my wheel apart and waste money (look better), or just do my frame?

What color you choose to paint your uni its entirely your personal preference. Paint it how you would like it, not how others think you should. Though, personally I think the trouble and cost of having to rebuild the wheel isn’t worth it.

ya… that was my thought so I think (when I get time) Im gonna just do my frame white.

take a pic of ur uni then photoshop it so its the coulors you want and then choose. Im goin to do that now because I want to spray mine up as well.

i dont have photoshop… and it will look retarded on paint, but I will try.

If you didn’t understand what thejdw was talking about:

It’s a nice free image editor.