KH clicking sound

I have this clicking sound in my KH24 when I ride with a bit of power. When I have almost all my weight on the seat there is no sound, but when I put more weight on the pedals, the sound becomes clearer and clearer.
My cranks are very tight, so I have ruled out that, my pedals are tight so if it is something wrong with them it must be inside them.

What can it be:

  • Wheel needs truing
  • Bad bearing
  • Bad pedal
  • Something else

And something else, the “cap” that is between my crank and frame, almost covering the hole for the bearings. Should this cover it completely so no mud gets in there, because mine doesn’t

Thanks for all the help

clicking sounds with kh24s seems to arise quite often…

i think i recall someone saying that if you hear some funny sounds you should check to make sure that your spokes are tight. just a thought.


I’ve had the same thing, do you feel it through your pedals? I get it sometimes when thrashing over this rough ground when I’m just about stood up the whole time. It’s not really an issue the rest of the time. Grease may be the answer. Or my intitial thought was bearings, but I really have no idea.

Ooh, about the spacer thing, KH posted here a while ago that some of the unis had them on the wrong way around, so take the crank off and flip the spacer around (assuming it’s the weird ‘dish’ shaped spacer?)

pull everything apart…apply grease to the threads, tighten everything back down…

it’ll only take about 20 minutes and you should do it every couple months…for good measure

Is it more of a pinging sound than a clicking? If it kind of “pings” then I would definately tighten the spokes up a bit.

I rode with Kris H. last week at Venice and my KH was making horrendous sounds that I wrote off to having Muni’ed through several creeks the previous weekend. Kris thought it was the bearing caps that screw into the bottom of the frame (too tight), but that wasn’t so. I had to do what was suggested earlier on in this post–pull the cranks, clean and grease everything and reassemble–something I hadn’t done in 3 months.

Some folks claim that greasing is not advised, but if you grind through streams et al, like I run into here in the Santa Monica mountains, a little bit of grease can help.


There are several areas that the creaking can come from.


If it is a pinging sound as said, it could be the spokes. A creaking sound is likely the splines/cranks. Instead of using grease, try ant-seize. Anti-seize works as a lubricant, but is less likely to be squezed out under pressure.

Use antiseize. It’s better then grease for high pressure applications. Here are some instructions from JC

It came from this thread:

I did this almost a year ago and I haven’t had any problems. I also had my spokes tentioned. Even though they were not creaking, they were loose.


Could someone explaine to me what this anti-seize stuff is. I have been to some shops (motorcycle, bike) and not found anything.

Thanks for all the help so far


rusty, go to an automotive parts store there in Norway and they should have it…

Here’s an example: