KH bearing replace thread?

Did a search, but no luck. Pls direct me to it if there is one.

Wheel truing hasn’t done the deal.

Looking at KH36" bearing replacement.

Howto, and spec on bearing.



KH Moment ISIS 36"

Does anyone have the bearing number so I can phone around to try to find them locally rather than having them shipped in?

22x40mm I have found out (I think). Is that all I need to know. Do I need to know the bore, so I don’t have to risk damage to pull them and be totally out of commission? Are they proprietary or readily available standard size?

KH ISIS bearings are 22x42x12, this is specific dimensions for ISIS UNIs so go to UDC shops to get them !

I replaced the bearings from my 2004 KH muni (24") about 3 or 4 years ago. I used bocabearings. I don’t know the size, nor if it changed in the latest hubs.


You can find the old KH 20x42 bearings at any shop

The newer ISIS 22x42 are uni custom parts. The only place you can find them is a special uni store like UDC.

There ya go! Thanks. That is basically what I wanted on the spec issue, that they ARE proprietary items, and not a stock bearing. I looked them up a Bedford and UDC. I shouldn’t need the spacers, I’m thinking.

Really, it is only one that appears funky, but figure I’ll replace the pair.

Now to get them on without damage. The puller will get them off (damaged or not?) I’m thinking a piece of pipe to fit the inner race ring and tap them on.