KH Bearing Issues?

Has anyone had issues with recent KH bearings (07/08)? A quick site search didn’t turn up much.

My 07/08 KH 24 only has about 1/2 a dozen rides on it and the bearings feel like they are notched like a bad bicycle headset. I’ve been very particular about not overtightening the bearing caps. When the caps are removed and the wheel sits in the frame there is a bit of gritchiness (not actually a word, but I think an accurate description) which is quite magnified when the caps are installed and tightened very slightly (just barely past finger tight).

I think it is a bad bearing (or two), but I’m not sure if it could be the bearing holders. It seems a bit weird to me that the bearings would be bad so soon- my KH 29 hasn’t had any problems in 2+ years.

Any ideas? Has anyone successfully repacked the green seal bearings?

First KH ISIS bearings (22x42x12mm) were made by QU-AX and built in Russia with poor quality. They have blue sealings.

Latests KH productions are using an other bearing manufacturing with green sealings. It seems that there are built by Nimbus from around mid 2007

Which ones are you using ?

I have the blue sealed bearings on my 07 KH 24 and to date have had no problems with them. Unfortunatly what your describing does sound like a bearing problem. Any chance that they got excessivly wet or run through very sandy conditions?

If the seals can be removed then the bearings could be cleaned, inspected and repacked, however I have not done this with mine so am no expert.

I know the green rubber seals can be removed carefully by carefully hooking a probe around the seal edge untilk you bear on the brass plate behind the seal and pulling up gently. If it were me, It feels like rebuilding a lightbulb and I’d get new bearings.
I got a couple of bad Nimbus ISIS bearings with excessive play (black seals) and replaced them with the green sealed ones. They seem a little better, but I’m not surprised to learn others have problems here too. One strategy is to order a couple of sets to have some spares.

Never had problems with the blue sealed ones… i never had any problems with my bearings and im riding for about 10 years now.
Maybe my unis are not living long enough to get problems with them :smiley: