KH Bearing Clamp Design Changes?

Very basic question but I have checked the bearing mount clamps on both my KH36er from 2014 and my 29er from 2015 and the clamps both look like this:

As in no inside shoulder…. there’s been no modification made. This is how they are made.

But I see the stock photo on UDC for these as showing two shoulders inside and outer. Is this photo out of date? As in before my ear clamps?

UDC photo:

Odd I never noticed it before - but I’m in the process of modifying one sent of clamps.

My gut says the UDC photo is of an older version as I’m sure these are how my much older KH frame’s clamps appear / were fabricated.

Niche question, thanks for putting up with this kind of query and any responses given :pray:

The inner shoulder disappeared to be compatible to the latest generation Schlumpf hubs with the little block stop torque supports.

This change had been made about a year before the M800+ Hubs hit the market. Must have been somewhen around 2015 or so.


Thanks so much Eric for your speedy reply! That’s good to know.

UDC need to update their photo :joy:

Love this forum - so helpful to fill in gaps in knowledge and puzzle out unicycle projects and issues.