KH axiom seat

I’m in Canada and interested in getting a Kris Holm seat.

I went to a bike shop here and looked at their Norco catalogue and they had a KH AXIOM (brand) seat that said it was designed by Kris Holm, etc.

It looks the same as the one on the Kris Holm website but it has an “axiom” logo on the one end. Its $50.00 Canadian.

Is this a good seat? Or am I looking at an impostor?

I need a better softer seat and I’ve heard the KH seats are best. That is why I’m asking.

Thanks for your help

This would probably be better off in RSU so next time post it there… but now to help you out. I think I remember someone saying that Norco was the distributor of the KH seats. So it sounds like it would be the right seat. But then again the fact that it’s only $50 Canadian makes it seem like it could be one of the imposter ones. It’s probably real though, I’m just used to the KH seat being almost $100 here. Man you guys have it easy!

thanks for the help.

I was also pleasantly surprised with the price. Other places I’ve looked it was between 65.00 and $100.00 Canadian. I recieved a crisp fifty dollar bill for my birthday with a card telling me to buy a new seat [so that my testicles don’t shrivel up and one day I can possibly reproduce].

I’ll let you know what I think of the seat when I get it so this thread will be more appropriately placed :wink:


The AXIOM seat is the Kris Holm seat. When I was going to buy one they also told me $50 CDN. (In the end the seat wasn’t in stock so I bought the signature edition unicycle. Its great!). That was over a year ago, so I dont know if the price is still the same.