KH armour coming soon?!

Today Ihappened to be over talking to Ingrid at Roach (which is now in fact owned by Raceface but that’s a whole other thread). Among other things that we chewed the fat over was that of armour specifically for unicyclists. In conversation, Ingrid mentioned that she and Kris were working on some designs for a line of uni armour that Kris is interested in having manufactured.

This seems like great news! I know these sort of ideas take months and months before we actually have the finished product in our hot and sweaty hands nevertheless, something to patiently look forward to so I thought I’d share it here.

(Hopefully, I am not stealing Kris or Ingrid’s ‘thunder’ in mentioning the uni armour on the newsgroup, if so, forgive me for my over zealous posting personality :slight_smile: )


mmm double sided leg armor… wait… doesn’t someone already make these?

I still haven’t gotten my Roach pads back after almost a year now. It’s 661 for me. No more donations.

I dont know if I would like stuff on the back of my leg much more than what the roaches have. Yes you sometimes hit the back of your legs hard and you could end up with a pedal. But adding more protection also means that you are going to limit mobility some, as well as adding weight to your legs. In addition I find that roach pads are hot enough as it is adding more protction to them seems like that would make them almost unbarable.

I think you get to a point where more isnt better and you have to trade off to some degree. For myself my Roach DS pads provide exactlly what I am looking for. And they look cool too.


Hey, it would be cool to have ankle protection built in. Especially with Kris’ cranks! :wink:


RE: KH armour coming soon?!

Hi Dave.

Did you return these to Roach directly? Which pads?


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I still haven’t gotten my Roach pads back after almost a year now. It’s
661 for me. No more donations.

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A simple, and cheap, way to add protection to the back of your leg is with foam type soccor shin pads. Just put them on backward and put your Roach or 661 on over them.

I can imagine some useful improvements to the Roach armor for muni use. Moving some seams away from where the armor rubs on the tire and frame so those seams don’t fray and rip. Adding some more abrasive resistant fabric (like maybe a Kevlar type fabric) over the high wear areas where the armor rubs on the tire. Some possible improvements to the knee area so the knee area doesn’t bulge out as much and rub the tire.

If you mean the front and back of the leg Core Rat makes a hard calf as well as a hard shin/knee.

I like the hard-cup type knee pads better - I think they protect better although they might not breathe as well. Check out this post on the Muniac Manor BB to see the limitations of the Roach knee. Also, a cup might stay out of the tire better.

So now I’m up to $.04…


Has anyone tried the Core Rat leg armour for muni?

It looks like good stuff, but I’m not sure how well it would work for muni. I think the knee pad might get pushed or twisted on the knee when you rub the frame or tire. I’m not sure how well it would stay in place as you ride and if the knee straps would be comfortable.