KH armor

KH armor is out on

Saw it yesterday. I’ll be getting some today:) .

sweet, i think i ordered mine on saturday or something along with the rest of my chrsitmas presents :smiley: i can’t wait…

i ordered mine the day they came out! im so excited (austin hops around like a schoolboy)… they look awesome though.

uhh, are these any better than the sixsixone leg armor? I havent tried either one. I’m just looking at the pictures of both on and the price tag next to them :roll_eyes: $30.95 (USD) difference is pretty significant in my book.

Just wondering…


the price does seem a little high,i’ll be keeping my Roach gear.

(edit: it appears that isnt selling Roach arm and leg gear anymore…?)

I’ll be keeping my 661’s too. AS much as wearing KH armor would be alot like wearing the cool brand of shoes in High School, the 661 leg armor suits me just great.

Plus, I wore Airwalks all though highschool…

I’m getting some 661’s soon. Despite how totally awesome Kris’s armor looks, I have to pay for any of this type of stuff i buy, and that’s rather hard to afford for me. Too bad they couldn’t be like $50


concerning the expense, i just used up christmas.

but i just think the kh stuff is total quality equipment, and this is the first armor i’ll have. i just had some assorted bmx/rollerblader stuff before.

Re: price

totally agree

I don’t think there is such a thing as “total quality.”

Really, KH armor seems about as necessary as a profile hub. It would be sweet as hell to have but it’s very possible to live without it.

You sound jealous of both KH armour and profile hub owners. Because you can’t afford them doesn’t mean you have to criticise. I think a Profile hub is necessary, and sweet to have, and for the same reason I might get some KH shin pads, even though I usually don’t wear any kind of personal protection apart from clothes and shoes. I think if these pads are designed by a Unicyclist, then at least give them a chance to get feedback and reviews before questioning the quality. How can you live without a Profile Hub?

I Have to agree with Xwonka on this one…if I could I afford the KH’s I might get them…but I think it highly unlikely since I can get a pair of 661’s for $20 which is $50 less than the KH leg armor. I could buy 2 more sets of 661’s with that money and still have some leftover. I love Kris’s idea but alot of people simply cannot afford that. If Kris can find a way to make them about $30 or $40 cheaper well then I’d probably buy them…but until then I’ll just get 661’s. (and unless you’re Ryan Atkins or John Childs a profile is not necessary)

maybe it’s just fanboy mentality, but i bought my KH20 over the summit and i bought the KH armor over roach’s and 661’s.

it’s not the better deal, but in my opinion KH brand stuff is a quality performance guarantee in itself.

edit: Kris Holm products are like cake with icing, recognize.

It’s not that i can’t afford KH stuff. I mean if i really wanted it i would most likely get it. But it just seems that it really is a significant waste of money.

Rowan… Yeah just a little bit jealous :wink:

Can anyone put up some images of someone wearing these? I would like more info on how they cover the knees.

Kris’ earlier thread on describing the KH pads mentioned that because of the material used, they might last longer and that the first run was made in North America. That led me to believe that the future runs would be off shore and possibly cheaper, but also the second run would have less expensive (less durable material).

Right now, I am gonna buy another set of 661s. I want to spend the extra money on a new frame/hub and wheel instead.

I tried these on a couple of weekends ago. They are basically the Roach design (and build quality) with a few mods to make them better for unicycling; more padding in the back and changed strap configuration at the top. I think the price differential between these and the 661s is similar to what the Roach to the 661s is and you do get a better pad for your money.

If I didn’t already have the Roachs, I’d get some of these.


And you can get Roach leg armor Here for $43

You can get 661 leg armor here for $30.

Ha in your face! you can get 661 leg armor Here For $20. lalala