KH and a Hoppley Wheelset

Would a KH 24" frame fit on the wheelset from a Nimbus Hoppley?

You need to know 2 things

Is the center to center distance between the hub bearings the same as the center to center distance of the frame bearing holders ? I am pretty sure the distance on a KH frame is 100 mm.

Is the OD of the hub bearings correct ? You can fit a 40 mm hub into the 42 mm KH frame, with a spacer, so that should be less of a problem.

I would measure the bearing center to center distance on the hub, if it’s 100 mm, I would think you wouldn’t have any real trouble.

it would fit but you’d have a lot of tire clearence.

yes, the bearing spacing will be fine as the hoppley uses an old KH hub, but you may need ot shim the bearings with beer cans to 42mm. There will indeed be huge clearance over the tyre.

I know it will be huge clearance and thats what I want. I saw it on the Defect vid, but I don’t know who the rider was.

Can i ask why you want the clearance?

Funny I can think of the exact scene of a 19 in a 24 frame, but not the rider.

That was Sabin.

I think that it would look nice.

Are you sure it was Sabin? I’m pretty sure it was Mike Clark.

i second that

I just loaded Defect up, and it is Mike Clark riding the 24" frame on the 20" wheelset.