KH aluminum Muni frame - is one being considered?

Anyone know (Kris) if an alluminum KH frame with brake mounts is or will be in the works?

thats a great question!

it would be nice to have an alluminum frame with a flat crown and brake mounts become available…model it after the Pro KH model though instead of the Taiwan version.

ping Kris H. - Alluminum MUni frames?

Giving it one more boost on the board for a response.

That is a great idea Teachndad. After riding Tony’s MUni downhill this weekend, I now know how useful brakes can be. Having an Aluminium unicycle is pretty good too (I’ve got one). The best of both worlds would be even better. With your proposed suggestion, you would spend less energy going up and down hills. Steve Howard has made aluminium Unicycle frames with brake mounts (if I remember correctly), so it is not out of the question. Maybe someone could work on some lightweight 6160 Aluminium brake mounts which could fit a Magura to Wilder frames, or other Aluminium frames.

im totally for the idea of an aluminum frame! like i dont see why this hasent been done before? there is little if any force on the frame anyways, even when your trials and MUni. All the force when doing a drop is put on the hub, so i dont see why there isent amazingly light unicycles. You could make an AWESOME uni that with no dought any extreme unicyclist would love to own(including me)

I am SO keen on the production of a aluminum uni that i know i would put away money immediatly if was notified of their soon production!

PS o yea and make an aluminum seat post too!

A muni frame can receive high cyclic stress from climbing while using the handle heavily (with a rigid handle and seat base setup). The resulting flexing leads to fatigue cracking in the crown and seat tube area, especially with a material like aluminum. You won’t get much lighter than the aluminum Wilder frame at 1.42 lbs. (Lyte Ryder) I love my Wilder, but like any extremely light structure they can break, and they definitely dent. On a muni you also have to design for damage tolerance from banging against rocks.
Thompson seat posts are aluminum, light and strong, and expensive.

I make a carbon fiber foot rest for the Wilder that makes foot-on-crown riding much easier.
I am planning to make brake bosses for the Wilder, but am not sure how soon I will have them ready to sell.

That is one fine looking MUni, Scott:D

Hi Scott,

I’m not sure how tough it is to tweak your design, but I bet if you could design one of those setups to fit a Hunter, you’d be able to sell several. I’ll buy one, since two absolutes are I will never sell my Hunter and will one day learn to one-foot ride.

And speaking of things that you could sell…:D…if you can make one of those CF seat handles like you showed me but for a right-hand design, I’ll take several, plus talk them up to all right-handed miyata seat owners I know. That is one fiiiine handle.


no class… :roll_eyes:

I don’t want to highjack this thread, but breifly:

At Cal Muni I had several requests for a Hunter “foot step” (I don’t really have a name for it, that is what Scot Cooper called it). Mike (uroboros) was the first and we talked a little about how it might be done. I can certainly do it, I just need a Hunter frame to work with. Maybe I can swap my uni with somebody for a while (Unibabyguy, maybe?) It will have to be made a little different because of the upper tube that would prevent it from sliding down over the seat tube. I will try to get on it soon.
Thanks for the compliment on the handle. Yes, I am going to make a right hand and an ambidextrous. The handle really was a pleasure to use at Cal-Muni. That was the first time I had even ridden with it. I will start a thread when I have something available.


Re: KH aluminum Muni frame - is one being considered?

An aluminium onza muni frame is in the works. Which is very very strong and really light. Oh and probably won’t cost a load either.


Sorry Jagur, you’re right. What I meant to say was: “And speaking of things that you can put a lot of your personal time and energy and funds into making and then give to me…”

GB4 has a light weight prototype aluminum trials frame. Eventually, the seat tube broke at the crown. He said the seat tube was really thin walled tubing. The purpose of the frame was to see just how light he could make it and still hold up. I hope he welds on slightly heavier seat tube some day as it was such a light uni. I think he said the complete uni weighed only eleven pounds.


Mojoe is right, I did have an aluminum trials frame which weighed under 1 lb.

The seat tube did break above the crown after about 4 monthes of use. This happened for a few reasons, in order of most significance:

  • I ran really thin wall (“stupid light”) tubing all over on the frame
  • I didn’t heat treat the 6061 aluminum after welding
  • Aluminum has no endurance limit (unlike steels)

Mojoe found a picture of a different prototype frame, I’ve attached a picture of my last, polished frame.

Re: KH aluminum Muni frame - is one being considered?

S_Wallis <> wrote:

>At Cal Muni I had several requests for a Hunter “foot step” (I don’t
>really have a name for it, that is what Scot Cooper called it).

“Foot rest” might be a good descriptive phrase that has established
usage in wheelchairs, motocycles, riding lawn mowers, etc.


Ken Fuchs <>

Re: Re: KH aluminum Muni frame - is one being considered?

Thanks Ken. So far I have:
Footstep - Scot Cooper
Crown Adapter - Jagur
Foot rest - Ken Fuchs
Crown Cleat - Me
That little finny thing - Every non-unicylist


As S_Wallis already pointed out, eau contraire. But the force on a MUni frame is not where most people think. I learned about it by breaking my carbon frame (an assembly defect which Roger Davies quickly remedied). If you hold the front of your seat, or worse if you use a handle, there is a tremendous amount of twisting force exerted on the frame. The joint areas, around bearing mounts and the crown, need to be very resistant to this. The Wilder frame is extremely rigid, so it’s well protected against these forces. A tubular frame will be more vulnerable, and will have to be designed accordingly.

Now there’s an area where lots of improvements can be made. The seat and post assembly is probably the area where the most weight savings can be done without compromising the strength of the uni. Seat frames should either be built with handles in mind, or the handles should attach at the post, allowing for much lighter seat bases. I hope we see more available aluminum parts for this area soon.

How about calling it ‘The Perch’? Other options could be ‘The Ledge’, ‘Pedestal’, ‘Footstay’, ‘Footstand’, ‘Foothold’ or ‘Footstop’ (just variations on Ken’s & Scot’s suggestions, theirs are probably better). That is a nice green paint job Scott. Those cranks look long! I’ve got 145s on my Wilder. I wouldn’t have minded getting a dark green frame, but I’m happy with the black MUni I chose.

makeing the crank bolts green is a nice touch too.