kh airseat

Has anyone attempted to make an air seat from a kh seat? If it worked, how did you do it? :thinking:

Yeah, KH CF base with a layer of thin foam on top then a 20" inner tube on top of that and another layer or two (I forget) of foam, then a KH leather cover. Use is on my 29er- very comfy!

Would it work without the CF base? Did you just use it to add durability or does the airseat not work without it?

It would work without, but you’d still need a replacement cover or staple/glue the old on back on.

I used the CF as it is super rigid and I have GB4 handles on.

Do you have the nozzle stick out anywhere to inflate/deflate to your liking? Do you just fill it to where you want it and just tuck the nozzle away somewhere? And, is it a pain to re-staple the seat?

the next generation of KH seats will have a removeable cover. that should make youre trying to turn it into an airseat easier. no glue/staples/duct tape to put it back together. I remember Kris sayng something about this, but I cant remember if he said when they will be out. you can ask him if you like. Im sure he would be happy to. but if you are impatient like me, just find the way that works best for you. I dont have an airseat, not do I have the desire to make one, but I know a little bit about them, for I have an insaciable appetite for knowledge :wink: . from what I know, its gonna be hard to convert the older seats.

One of my seats has a hole for the innertube valve, but one doesn’t, just out of laziness. Having the hole makes getting the seat filled just right much easier though it can be done without. Not drilled through the plastic, but CF is very easy to drill through.
The replacement leather KH covers are ok, but very VERY tight so ar a bugger to fit.

I think the new KHs are due out in Autumn. Or at least towards the end of the year.