KH air seat

I’m thinking of ordering the complete KH Freeride airseat from I don’t want to cut up my new 07 freeride, in case I don’t like it. It is not my tail bone that hurts while riding distance, it is my pelvis bone between my thighs. Has anyone tried this seat, and do you love it?

I have not tried it:( but am planning on getting one…:o

Well i have KH seat and i just bought the kit to convert it over… however i was reading post somewhere and the guy was sayin he was tired of having to always worry about having to fill his seat up… i do mostly trials and street so i guess its not as necessary.

what do you mean cut up your freeride?

all you have to do is take off the handle and bumper, take off the cover, take off the foam, all of which takes about 7 minutes.

then you put in a 12" tube, secure it with tape, put the cover and handles back on, and Voila! finished.

there is no need to do anything to your foam, and there is no mess or anything.

I think more recently the idea of the air seat has lost popularity. It seems for long rides a harder seat is much preferred. The other problem with airseats is they are much shiftier than foam.

An air seat is awesome for short times in the saddle but longer rides it can be really terrible.

Love the KH Airseat. I ride distance and muni. I’ve done a couple 40 - 50 mile rides with the airseat and I can’t imagine anything more comfortable. Once I got a flat on a long ride and I didn’t have a repair kit. I couldn’t pee for a while…now I carry an extra tube. :o

Thanks. After a 3 mile off road ride today, i decided to tear into my Fusion Freeride saddle. You are right, taking the foam off was painless, and I didn’t tear it. I installed the do-it myself air pillow. It feels nice, but it doesn’t look as sleek as the original foam… ahhh, but I’m willing to sacrifice beauty for comfort!!!

I did a post in the gear section on fixing a KH air seat

The KH air seat uses a 20" tube in a cloth sleeve, folded over. Basically you want to duct tape the tube in place, and then tape a 3/4 " piece of closed cell foam over the softly inflated tube.
This was a great improvement over stock. The foam and tape keeps the shape
of the seat from moving. The foam keeps the tube from squishing up under my balls. This mod has lasted well, and is easy work as long as you have a helper to tape while you hold.
The modded seat is much more comfortable then the unmodded air seat. It is way better then the KH trials seat or the nimbus gell in comfort. I have it on the 36 now. It was great for muni. Maybe a bit heavy-bulky for trials.
I have never had a flat, which seems unlikely at the much lower pressure the mod seat uses. I doubt that a flat would be that bad, since there is still the foam on top of the tube rubber to sit on.

ThisguyIknow is on the money as far as my experience goes. A firm(er) saddle is key for long distance riding, at least for me and many I’ve talked to about it. I’ve tried the KH airseat and I even cut out a generous “Channel” (becuase I used a piece of lightweight foam over the tube) and still it was unbearable for long distance rides. On the other hand my KH fusion freeride is by far the most comfy saddle I’ve ever used! I have one on both my Muni and my coker and I like it just the way it is, without modification.

Another aspect we’re not addressing is the angle, height and other fine adjustments to the saddle than can make the difference between a comfy ride, and a not-so-comfy ride. It’s not all just about the saddle and what’s in it. I use the KH post and rail adapter so I can tilt the saddle up more than you could with a standard bolt-on post.

This is all personal preference, but I seem to do best with the saddle tilted up so most of my weight is on the back of the seat. Also I move the saddle as far forward on the rails as possible so, again, my weight is right over the top center of the uni, rather than behind it. This works best for me. But I also carry an allen so I can change it if I need to.:smiley:

PS: Other factors that can improve saddle comfort, are wearing padded cycling shorts (I like the looser kind) chamois butter, baby powder applied periodically duing the ride and your overall posture is important, as well as whether you’re spinning super fast, or a more relaxed pace.

I got an air seat with my new N36 and I am not very happy with it, I have tried to modify it to make it more comfortable but i cant get it even close to the comfort of my old cut down KH seats. I am going into the city tomorrow so I think I will pick up a fusion free-ride if they have on or try out the nimbus gel if they don’t.

I like the air seat now…it took about 5 complete redos to get it right. It was all about the right placement of duct tape, and not putting a too much air into it. I didn’t have any extra foam to put on top.

X 3 for me. 1st assembly and then to install a wider tube (much better) and then to change it to a flatter shape.