KH air seat tuning

This must have come up before, but I couldn’t find it.

After hearing great things about air seats, I got a KH air seat with my new coker. I’ve tried pumping it to various pressures, but no matter how carefully I get everything lined up inside, and no matter how straight I sit, the front section of the tube inside slides out to the left. This leaves me partially sitting on bare seat plate (ouch) and partly twisted around the asymmetric seat, which throws my posture out the window.

Everything points to simple bad design, but is there a standard fix for this? Should I cut some foam to help make the cover fit what’s inside? Is it really a matter of diverse body shapes or are they just making them wrong?

Its strange you say this, just this week I noticed my KH air seat on my Coker started doing the same and causes me to sit crooked when riding and I to tried to move the air cushion around, but after a couple miles it was back to the same slipping out the left side. If you figure out whats up let me know I have put about 35-40 miles on seat before this started
I think I will try to velcro the cushion in place?

I’m having similar problems with my bedford air seat, but I took mine appart and put it back together when I got it to see how it was built, so perhaps I screwed up somehow. However, now that you folks are mentioning it, I have an idea. cut yourself a 1cm by 1cm by 5-8cm piece of dense foam and glew or otherwise attach it to the seet base, like a spine along the center. Now bend the tube into the shape it needs, and hold it there by wrapping some string around it and attaching the string somehow. Now place the wrapped tube on the seet base, so that the foam juts up between the two tubes forming the middle of the seet. The foam should act as an anchor holding the tubes in place. You will need to cut slits in the foam for the string to pass through. Let me know how it works, or what you do if you ger better advice from somebody else.

two words:
Duct. Tape.

almost all of the world’s problems could theoretically be solved, directly or indirectly, by duct tape. Except for world hunger. we are still working on that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

The double layer air seats made with the dogbone air pillow are problematic. The flopping over is one of their problems.

Some people have gotten the double layer air seats to their liking by using duct tape to hold them together, using snaps to hold the two halves together, sewing the two halves together, adding little bits of foam to hold the tube in the shape they want, and many other homebrew fixes.

Another option is to go with a single layer air pillow design like I have in my JC Airseat gallery. That makes for a very nice muni seat. It’s not quite as ideal for a Coker seat but can do well as a Coker seat with the right foam. I think the air pillow with the KH gel seat foam on top would make for a nice Coker seat but I have not tried that combo yet.

Down at the bottom of the JC Airseat gallery you’ll see my current Coker seat experiment. I’m trying a pure foam seat for the Coker. The foam is from a 2005 KH Fusion and the foam has been trimmed down to make it more comfortable for me. I’ve only put one quick ride on it so far. It’s a quick and easy modification of a basic KH Fusion seat.

I’m going to ride it for at least a month before passing judgment on it. I gotta give my butt time to adjust before passing judgment too soon. But so far it looks like it will be great. More firm than the air seat I was using and I’m hoping that makes it more comfortable for longer distances. My JC Coker airseat was very comfy for sort rides of 10 miles but was not comfortable for longer rides of 20 or 30+ miles. Air just doesn’t give you the ability to move the pressure points around by sitting on different parts of the saddle.

Oh, I should have added that you can turn the double layer dogbone style air pillow into a single layer air pillow by sewing it in half. In fact, you could turn it in to two air pillows if you wanted to. Quick and easy.

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>almost all of the world’s problems could theoretically be solved,
>directly or indirectly, by duct tape. Except for world hunger. we are
>still working on that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Invention wanted: edible duct tape!

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Thanks for the tips. I haven’t had any problems with the two halfs slipping over each other, only with the folded end sliding off the seat base. I sewed some velcro to the dogbone tube bag and stuck some to the seat base. I took it for a one hour spin today, and so far so good.