KH air seat conversion

Dont be so foolish you fools hahaha!!! of course you can upgrade the Kris Holm saddle. It is so simple. take off handle, bumper and cover. Then cut some foam away (I left some on the edges and a thin layer on top) and drill a hole for the tube valve. i used a 20 inch tube, folded in half and stuffed in an old sock. Then slap it all together and staple it back together with 3/8 heavy duty staples, they dont stick out the sides (but anything bigger will) soooo superior to air miyata and there is no need to buy a special cover. my next venture is to try carbon fiber frame, although that will require a new cover cause i dont think stapling carbon fiber is a good idea! but yeah, so anyways… my underside is much happier

Got any pics of KH’s guts?



no, but use your imagination(or x-ray glasses), its just plastic, foam and vinyl duh!!! ooo another good way is to open one up for yourself!!!

there is no way im opening up mine till I see proof.

my velo has already split along the bottom. comfy…but VERY poor quality

That about sums up my opinion so far. I got the velo a couple months ago, when I was ordering the rest of the parts for my see note most-boss Fireball ride, and the vinyl or whatever the non-cloth portion seems to be, is cracking along both sides. This problem is only “solved” by the other main complaint i’ve heard, that the whole dang cover is glued in place around the edges. Guess we know why, heh.

Another main issue is seat-base flex, both front and back, I’d rate it: CarbonFiber -> Old Miyata -> New Miyata -> KH Velo, in terms of seat-base rigidity, especially hopping. Someone somewhere mentioned early seats being manufactured without a reinforcement plate? I don’t know whether that’s true, whether it’s due to change soon, and whether mine does or doesn’t have, but gosh would that external reinforcement they posted over in the German forums be nice [hint gb4 hint :wink: :wink: ]

Then the little bastage has the same issues as the miyata, with bolts turning in their seatings… only you can’t get inside nearly so easy to fix things, and if the rumors of no reinforcement plate are true, the problem is more serious than poorly chosen nuts-n-bolts; it’d be a seat design issue.

Overall, I’d rate it a good freestyle/distance seat, for those who just need near-airseat-comfort without the fluffiness and separation from the uni that those bring, but I have to recommend saving your pennies and building CF/air miyata clones for trials or muni use, 'cause the quality just doesn’t seem to be there for the price you pay on the Velo. Given the monetary premium placed on these seats (For which, our dear Kris, we are quite grateful!) :

my $2,
John M

teh note!
Adam says that he finally got the frame and cranks dropped off at the powdercoater’s, and the wheelset is already built up courtesy of his dad, so <fingers crossed> maybe sometime this week i’ll have pics.

I have come to the desicion that when this Velo goes on the MUni, I will, instead of replacing it with another Velo, put that money into a CF base for the Miyata, because the roach/miyata/kinport is an extremely comfortable ride.

(tough to justify buying all the upgrades at the same time as the seat though, but luckily I’ve gotten an upgrade every now and again which hides the cost)

I’ll get another Velo for the Coker because that uni sees half the abuse as the MUni, but I won’t be getting another Velo for Muni, that’s for sure.

See my other post for a fix, and possibly a preemptive cure to this material tearing.

You could wait for the CF KH with a kevlar cover I heard about :slight_smile:

whats the matter sam has the hard KH seat foam damaged your balls? just go for it!!! hey my seat cover started to rip on the lower edge too i just reinforced it with gorilla tape (so much betta than duct tape) billnye!! i didnt ask for you review, this forum is about KH air seat conversion. Thank You

carbon fiber miyata seat is bomber ,0 flex, try and break one,not likely dude,well maybe If ya drove a potato truck over one?

keaner who asked you? did you not read my last reply? this is a KH air conversion forum!

yea, he made an air seat out of a kh plastic piece o junk,with an old smelly sock.
I’ll post what I want when I want . Dude on a wheel.


Anybody with fabric durability problems or other comments about the Velo seat: please send me pictures and comments to <>. I’m currently sending a dismantled seat to Velo with some feedback that will hopefully result in improvements. Note: it’s a yahoo account so I’d appreciate it if people could keep any picture file sizes under 150k.

Basically, changes to the seatcover material or shape of the foam are easy to do, but changes to the plastic molds are much more difficult and expensive and would require a lot of convincing on my part.

If some people feel this seat is too flexible, you may just have the earlier version of the seat. Basically, if you reef up and down on the front and you can flex it significantly, it probably doesn’t have a plate. About the first 200 seats were made without a reinforcement plate in the seat. The newer version with the plate is not quite as rigid as a CF seat but is much more rigid than a Miyata.

To increase durability around the bottom, I’d suggest going down to a hardware store and getting a tube of Goop or silicon seal, and covering this edge and the inside perimeter where you grab the seat out in front hops. This will also increase comfort if you can round out this edge a bit.



pic sent. thanks Kris. for everyone else, here’s the pic…