KH Air Saddle or Nimbus Gel Saddle?

In looking at the new Nimbus 36" from UDC, it offers the choice between a Nimbus gel saddle and a $25 upgrade to a KH air saddle. I have no experience with either saddle, and am wondering if anyone has been able to compare both. If you have, any thoughts on which is more comfortable? I’m assuming the Nimbus saddle has a lower profile, so I’m leaning toward that one since the purchase is for a very short inseam rider. But if the saddle’s a dog, then I’d love to know that before I purchase.

Appreciate any thoughts from folks with direct experience with either one or both.



Hello Tom,

First I’ve never used an airseat.

I have used the gel and non-gel like KH seats and recently the KH freeride. The freeride flatter profile is much more comfortable. So if you can only choose between those two seats (gel or air) I’d choose the lower cost gel, and buy a KH Freeride as soon as possible.

Funny switching from the gel to the freeride didn’t feel all that different, but when I went back to the gel, oh nuts, I felt wedged in the seat.

Maybe some one will suggest the airseat, then perhaps upgrade to that and be better off than the freeride or the gel, but I can’t say.

Hope this helps somehow.

I have two Nimbus Gels and have been very happy with them - quite comfortable for longish rides, although I still find I get some numbness. They’re also quite low profile.

I’m planning on getting a Fusion Freeride for my main distance uni, as I like the look of the flat profile and the centre cutout.

Gel or Freeride

I had the Gel for about 10 months and switched to the Freeride about a month ago. I think the Freeride is the better of the two, but I have no experience with the airseat. I found that I still have to use the rail adapter with the Freeride to get the best comfort. With the Gel, I was able to go about 30 minutes before there was any numbness, but now I can go for about an hour, before there’s any discomfort. The Freeride seems a little narrower, which works better for long distance, too.

Good luck.

You can turn it into an air saddle yourself for like $5 or less if you have the drill bit already. Then if you are dissatisfied replace the gel.

Is it really only a $25 upgrade? or is it 25 £? Because the price different in the seats is closer to $40, so if it’s cheaper than that, I’d say go for it.

I fit the new Nimbus gel seat with the T7 handle to my coker last saturday and had a 80 km test-ride. We have about 5° Celsius, so I did not make longer breaks, just a few minutes every 10 or 15 km. It only took me a little over 4 hours to ride the 80 km with considerable tail wind.
The Nimbus gel and T7 handle combination is great. It was easy to readjust my position on the seat now and then. It was a fun ride all the way. The gel seat and the T7 are much better than my previous set up with a KH seat and a selfmade handle.
The gel seat is rather firm. That gives more options for sitting but the bumps are more noticeable.


Of the two I have only ridden the Nimbus Gel Saddle, so can’t give a full comparison. However, the Gel is by far the most comfortable saddle I’ve used. Even after 5+ hours of riding a few weeks ago I can’t say that I noticed any numbness or aches over and above what the rest of my body was doing.

FWIW, go with the Gel, and if you find you think about upgrade in the future, at least you’ll know if you need to or not.


I found the Nimbus gel way more comfortable than the Torker DX and the KH air a bit more than the gel.

The air is about an inch taller but if you if you keep the air pressure low, like 2.5 psi. (digital air pressure guage) then the effective seat height is the same once you sit on it.

The thing I like the most about the air is the adjustability: 5 psi. for control and 2.5-3.5 psi. for plush comfort.

The thing I hate is it’s a b*tch to get on just right and it eventually slipps (I used lots of black duct tape).

I’m going to try a trials inner tube in search of more cushioning than the 20X1.5-1.75 tube that it came with.

Man, i did not expect to see so many votes for the gel!

In my opinion, the gel seat is a hard, ulta thin little thing that is beautiful for seat out and street. I wouldnt want to put any miles on it.

I’d definitely vote AIR SEAT. I have yet to try the freeride seat for an extended amount of time but they do look promising.

I rode the Nimbus gel for over a year on my 36er and I’ve ridden a KH saddle that I converted to air myself. The Nimbus is a fine saddle for shorter rides. It keeps the weight on your sit bones and is low profile so chafing is not really an issue. However, it’s a little too stiff (for my bony butt) and tends to cut off circulation to the legs on long 2 hour+ rides. The KH air saddle I used was not the one they sell already made, but as far as I can tell air saddles just aren’t very comfortable. The tube wants to put even pressure across the whole area instead of concentrating the weight on your sit bones. I made several variations of the air seat using the padding that goes under carpets but it just never seemed very comfortable. Even when I cut a groove in the padding similar to the new KH Freeride saddles it seemed to put too much pressure on my taint (or choad, gooch, grundle, whatever you want to call it… TMI?). Anyway, I would ask them to swap it for the latest KH Freeride, they should be able to do that for you.

I used to LOVE my KH air saddle-until I tried the new '07 KH fusion saddle that comes standard on the '07 freeride! Simply the most comfortable saddle out ther IMHO!:smiley: Thinner, less curve and a cutout channel in middle to reduce pressure on the boys.

I laugh so much when people ask if Uniing hurts my nads. I always say “No it just presses firmly on the gooch.” It’s funny cause it’s true.

Thanks to everyone for the replies and suggestions. The Nimbus won out.

If it sucks you can turn it into an air saddle.