KH Air Saddle Issues

I love the air saddle. But I keep having two problems:

  1. I can’t get the tube to inflate evenly. Usually one side bulges either out or up more than the other and no amount of adjusting really solves the issue. This inturn, forces me to lean a little all the time.

  2. The sleeves that the shoe laces go through rip, until there little to attach the shoe lace to. These sleeves are necessary to hold the seat cover over the air tube.

I have a muni and a coker. Any suggestions on how to adjust the seat? How to I keep the sleeves from ripping? Should I get a gel seat instead?

  1. For getting the tube to inflate evenly when I ran an air saddle I’d put the tube in a tube pillow case thing I’d get from uniDotCom inflate it a bit and then wrap the entire thing in duct tape and that seemed to work well. However the process of duct taping pretty much detroys the pillow case and you have to buy another one (which I’m not even sure they still make) when you have to swap out a tube. It still was never 100% perfect though.

  2. I think this is a huge weak point of Kris’ saddle covers. The shoe lace thing just doesn’t cut it. It’s hard to get it on tight and if you pull on the laces too much it rips the sleeves. I think there are much better ways to do this. Maybe metal grommets for the laces to go thru, or velcro straps instead of laces and sleeves. I’m with you though…those things just rip.

The newer Freeride saddles with the relief in the middle are much more comfortable than air saddles to me.

Is the tube inside an air pillow? If so, try pre-inflating the tube just a bit before putting it in the pillow. You may have to try a few iterations of adjusting the tube and inflating before you get it just right.

There’s always the tried and true “duct tape method”… fold the tube to the desired shape, then wrap the folded tube in duct tape. It will then hold its shape much better, although it’ll make it quite hard to patch a leak in the tube.

The seat cover allows for a fixed volume between it and the seat base. If you exceed that volume the cover will rip. The fabric is stretchy, but it’s not made to contain an unrestricted air bladder.

Either your air pillow is too voluminous for the seat cover, or you aren’t using one… if you’ve a air pillow, you’ll have to sew it up such that it doesn’t allow the tube to expand as much. If not, use the duct tape method, and be sure to make your tube smaller than the cover’s capacity.

I duct taped the underside of the pillow first, then taped the top down. this kept it from shifting around, which would’ve required me to redo it.

It took me 5 or 6 times of retaping the pillow at about 45 minutes each time to get it right for me, and so it didn’t shift around. I ended up using a whole roll through all of that.

My pillow case was still fine after disassembling the saddle each time. But it had sticky stuff all over it.

If the seat is too voluminous when you get it to your desired pressure, you need to switch to a narrower tube or to a 16" from a 20". I run a 20X2" tube at 5.0 psi and the cover is stretched out a lot.

Overall, I prefer the KH Fusion Freeride to the Air for comfort.