KH Adjustable Seatpost Top Bracket


If anyone out there has a twisted KH adjustable post or just the top bracket bit that they’re willing to sell me I would be highly interested.

I’m trying to find one so I can make a Thompson/Kris Holm seatpost.

Thanks much,

Does that KH Thomson combo actually fit together??

HJows that work?

Yeah, it works. All you need to do is file the bolt holes on the Thompson a little from what I’ve heard.

The round cavity on the post bit of the Thompson fits into the bump on the KH bracket. Bolt the two together and boom, you’ve got a bombproof setup.



I have one on my Surly, works pretty good, but don’t file the holes on the Thompson post as it woudl weaken the post and void your warranty. Just use the Thompson bolts and nuts, works fine, make sure you lube the bolts.

I got my plate from a post I broke, so it’s not a cheap way to go.

BTW, the new KH Adjustable post was redesigned so that it’s no longer prone to breakage, woudl be a less expensive option :slight_smile: