KH adjustable seatpost for street/trials...

So, after breaking two more seatposts in the last week, I’ve been looking at my options as a replacement.
KH Forged have been the best posts for me for over a year, but at best each one only lasts about 2 months at best…

However, i rode a rail post and rail adapter for over 3 months and had no real problems. (Apart from the heavy adapter, and how the shape of it got in the way a lot.)

So I’ve been thinking a KH adjustable post would be pretty similar to the rail post, but with a 4 bolt plate, instead of a massive rail adapter, am i right?

I have a 25.4mm frame so i haven’t got the option of the new Pit Fighter 3.

Any comments/ insight on this would be much appreciated

a regular crmo seatpost might suite best. but i think the adjustable seat is also a good option. im not quite sure how strong it is though :confused:

Yeah, if i get a KH adjustable one i’ll get a cromo as backup…

But cromo bends really easily.

What about the new KH 2011 ‘one-piece’? Dont know if they are available in 25.4…

As far as i know they’re not. At least, not from a store i can buy them from. (UDC and MDC)