KH 36er Geared

It’s just a regular KH 36er with the Schlumpf geared hub.
The cranks are 125/150 spirits,
Shimano Saint brakes,
Impact Addict pedals,
Foss tube,
Nimbus Gel seat (the newest one)

I bought this sweet racing cart in German just before I moved to the US. Now I just don’t have time to ride this monster.

Everything is in perfect condition, except scratches on the pedals. I also fixed the bearing cover on the left side of the hub - it was a common problem of S. hubs (kept unglueing).

I bought it for 1 800 Euro so the the price would be 2 300 USD.
(Including tools - adj. torque wrench, syringe with oil, spare spokes)


I wish I had the cash :frowning:

I took a second look at this and am questioning your pricing. You say you bought it for 1800 Euros and are selling it for 2300 USD. On the current exchange rate 1800 Euros is about 2450 USD. Only lowering the price by $150 seems a little steep.