KH 36er For sale in TX

I have a 36er that I’ve been piecing together for a few weeks that needs to go.

I don’t know much about the wheel ( year, history, etc ), but it’s in good condition. Stealth 2, No cracks, straight. It has a Nimbus LT Hub, gold spoke nipples, Coker tire ( slight wear ), and KH cranks (150s).

The frame and seat post are brand new from UDC only 3 weeks old or so, no miles. Seat post has been cut so I could test ride it, but there is still plenty of adjustability left in it. I’m 5’11"

Look at the pictures, they’ll tell you more than I can.

Looking for $700, but I haven’t gotten any shipping quotes yet, just testing the waters. Message me if you’re interested.





Seems I’m a bit late, as I’m looking for a 36" wheel to mount in my Qu-ax frame. I’m currently using a 32" Kent wheel. I may end up buying a complete 36er if it’s more cost effective. Do you not like the 36"?

I’d be interested in the frame

If the price is right and Dartmech is interested, I’d be interested in the frame.

Thanks for your interest. I assume you meant that if I worked out a price for the KH, then you would be interested in my Qu-ax 36" frame. Is that right? The only hitch is that the KH seat post is 27.5mm and my modified Nimbus gel is 25.4. I think the saddle itself is interchangeable on the post, but I’m not sure. I’m open to the possibility.

Sorry guys, Sold it this morning.