kh 36er £1000 expensive?

kh 36er £1000 in england uk ($1,751.59 usd ), $719.00 in america

Wow that is bloody expensive! you can get a Nimbus with geared hub for just a little more than that.


i think i have not seen something in the text that explane the price because this is the price at

you could build your own for about £350

nimbus isis hub £33
nightrider rim £57
Spokes £20-£30 ish
KH 36 frame £100
bearing clamps £10
quax isis cranks £12
pedals (twisted PCs) £10
seatpost £10
Seat £30
Seatclamp £5
tire £60
tube £10

abiut £360----- its not exactly what you get standard but for road you cont need momets and the new seatpoast is ridiculously expensive