Kh 36


I recently bought a second kh 36 as it came with a schlumph, so am looking to sell this kh 36 in very good condition.

T7 touring handle
Specialised grips and drink holder
Thomson elite seat post
Green frame with ‘mr impossible’ written in yellow. Some light nicks on paint.
Blue ‘brave’ plastic pedals, also includes metal odyssey pedals
150/125 moment cranks
Stealth 1 rim, kh hub
Tyre has heaps of tread, tube has been patched once many kilometres ago but have never had troubles

$580 the lot

Let me know if you want any more info, I am located in melbourne, Australia.

Cheers! From tom

Bump $560

Hi Tom,

Good job finding a 2nd hand schlumpf!

schlumpf is about the only thing i can get the spelling correct lol

Slap the KH36 on the Ebay. Last one not near as good as yours here feltched about 530.00AUD

All the best!


Is it possible to ship to Canada and how much would shipping be?

Thanks for the advice!! I will wait a bit longer and then try e bay.

Sorry I think shipping would be really expensive, thanks for your interest though!

Ho guys I have put it on ebay thanks for the idea!


Hi everyone, unicycle still hasn’t sold, bump to $510 for local pick up in Melbourne or will consider postage nationally at your cost (looked into shipping overseas as had some interested buyers but shipping cost would be huge!), this is a bargain! I just hate that it is going to waste! Thanks from Tom

Keep trying ebay!! it will sell eventually

price is in the ballpark so someone will snatch it up soon

All the best!

And / or mention it is for sale to Peter at

He may know someone who may be looking for a second hand one… Worth mentioning it and hes been a great help for me in the past


$490 pick up Melbourne