KH 36 Saga (a happy saga)

When all the markets are crashing, superannuation is down the drain and the world is changing it is good to have something to really worry about!
For those of you who know me, I love tinkering with unicycle things that don’t need tinkering with. My latest project is messing around with KH 36 stuff.
I have had some frames polished and have drilled out an airfoil rim and had that polished as well. The ugly weld is gone and I have shaved about 250 grams and a lot of this was the powder coating which surprised me.

I am going to send the ‘stuff’ to Sydney to get annonised (annodized for you Northern Hemisphere people) and have a dilemma. Bright purple, red, gold or blue to reflect the KH theme.
I tend to want to go for gold (good aussie saying) as I saw freshly annodised gold motor bike rims when I visited the annodisers and it looked better than what I expected.
I will also get the moment cranks (double hole) annodised and am thinking of drilling them as well. Any ideas?
They are about 600g and standard Qu-Ax are 300g
I will have the rim laced to a KH Ti hub and probably run a 29 tube. Are there any Fusion CF seat bases out there or do I have to invent that as well:)
I will keep you informed

airfoil rim Kh frame.jpg

airfoil rim KH frame1.jpg

Airfoil rim KH frame 2.jpg

airfoil rim KH frame 4.jpg

hey mal-
nice project you have going on there! Considering the state of the Aussie dollar i’m glad some people can still throw money at their ambitious (translation expensive$$) schemes. In terms of the colour, i think the gold would look tops.

It seems as though you are going for the lightest 36er set up possible (i can’t think of any other reason to justify using a KH titanium hub on a 36er) so that got me thinking if you are going to have a handle for your ride? After 3000kms on a nimbus with a T7 i wouldn’t consider riding without something along the lines of it (but then that goes against your weight conscious uni)

With a CF base you could maybe get an alu or titanium handle made up to bolt to the front of it- giving you a handle without all the weight of the rails etc.

Keep us posted with the progress of your build- i can’t wait to see the end product,

mark lavis

I have has a modified T7 handle on my Nimbus 36 and love it. I am looking at re-producing a similar one in Al for this project. I have posted it on another forum somewhere. I can do all the fabrication work but will need help from someone who can weld Al.

Hey Mal, good to hear from yah!

That frame looks sweet! I can’t wait to see it finished. I think you should stick a Schlumpf hub in it to get some real performance :slight_smile:

Scott Wallis, of Wallis Design in Texas, may still be making some CF seat bases. His are the best.


Hey Mal, thats a pretty bad ass job you’ve done there! Also why would you use the KH cranks if you are going for lightweight? I would go straight to the nimbus/Qu-ax aloy’s. You should also get some super light pedals like these ones,|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
You could also shave out a bunch of the nightrider tire. Even if you still wanted a good tread you could just cut grooves into it to make it a bit more aggresive and save quite a bit of weight that way.