KH 36” frame for sale

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Frame only?

:face_with_monocle: you guessed it

I know that was a stupid question.

Sorry, i was a little overly sarcastic

No worries it was a stupid question. It is very tempting.

Did you make that handle?

How well does it hold up?

Do you have layout to make one?

Try this thread:

EDIT: oops I’m getting things mixed up.

I meant this thread, but that’s still not the right one:

@WeaponizedBacon’s appears to be plywood.

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Baltic Birch Handle


I did make it! I laminated some 1/2” baltic birch and carved it to match my handle saddle so that would be the template for it

It served me well and took numerous UPD’s from a 32” and 36” but it finally snapped on a particularly hard UPD. I had originally made it to make a mold to test different materials as a handle but never got around to it and I regret not doing it before i broke it