KH 36, Custom Build

This really stings but I am tight on cash and have to sell my KH36!

  • Custom wheel build by Kaos Cycles, Melbourne
  • Tubeless
  • Magura HS33 rim brake
  • Spooner
  • includes both 150mm and 137mm Moment Cranks
  • Odyssey pedals
  • Custom handlebar
  • other stuff you can see in the pics

Uni has been very well loved and looked after. I’d really like it to go to a great home!

$475 AU.

Happy to pack the uni for shipping but buyer will need to look into shipping options

Very interested!

See PM.

i would love to add a 36 to my collection

is this item still up?

I still call dibs on it but I haven’t heard anything back from my PM or email and Pete hasn’t been back on here since the evening of posting. Maybe he sold it off thread?

Anyway, I’m still interested but my dibs expires mid-january, as it would then be too late for me to pick it up.

Hey guys, try this, it’s a link to the contact page on his site. Maybe with luck you can get a hold of him that way.

I tried that a couple weeks ago and no reply. Thanks though.

Contact with the other side…

Howdy guys,

I contacted Pete in the real world and let him know there’s some chatter on this thread. He’s been super busy lately and said he will get back in contact with you soon regarding enquiries about the KH36.

Hope this helps.



still interested

BUMP - hey guys still very interested in this.

Sam are you still keen?

If the guy hasn’t responded by now, it’s not that he’s busy, it’s more likely that he had a change of heart, either on the price or the uni.

Most likely.

Sorry guys I picked this beauty up last week.