KH 29er

Anyone interested in buying a 2008 Kris Holm 29er (ISIS)?
In very good condition. Has expensive Mag pedals and the KH perineum relief seat (hollow centre). Needs a new tyre. Comes with two different crank sets, the dual hole ones, and a shorter set as well… Brisbane Australia.

Maybe. Bit more detail would be good though. Photos even better.

What type of seat post (fixed, rail or adjustable) and its cut length?

Does it have the thin axle or the large diameter hollow one?

I expect the dual cranks are 150/125 but could you confirm these and the single hole length.

Mag pedals might be nice but difficult to know if I would like them without seeing them.

What kind of dollars are you thinking?

Do you ever get down to the Gold Coast. I am in Murwillumbah, just over the border.

Will post again very soon with more info and pictures. (Sorry, away from home at the moment).