KH 29er xc uni

anybody have one of these beasts? Im sure there pretty good since there kris holm uni’s. Plz if ya got one tell me what you think of them. I think i want to get one for my longer rides i do, and the U.P. tour de yoop coming up next year.

P.s. if you slap an 05 24" kris holm wheel set in one of these 05 29" ers will it fit in there properly?

The shortest cranks available for the KH/Onza is the 127 mm cranks, which might not be short enough on a 29" for a long tour.

I would think so, since it’s the same hub, the spacing and everything should be the same.

It should be fine. If it is flat short would be nicer, though.

Re: KH 29er xc uni

On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 15:53:35 -0600, musketman wrote:

>think i want to get one for my longer rides i do, and the U.P. tour de
>yoop coming up next year.

A crank length of 127 mm is OK (for touring on a 29" in general). It
might be difficult to ride with fast Cokers, but shorter cranks may
not help that much. However, I’m not sure that the original tyre for
the 29" XC is very well suited for touring on asphalt. You may want to
swap it for something slicker, Big Apple comes to mind.

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Yes, it will fit fine. The frame width and bearing housing on the 24" and 29" frames are identical. I just had a look in our warehouse and the only difference between the frames is that the 29" has longer fork blades.

The only problem you will run into is if you swap in a 24" wheelset and then want to mount some brakes. The brake mounts on the 29" frame will be too high for a 24" wheel.