KH 29er resalle value

How much should we expect to pay for a used KH 29?

I have seen a 2005 and a 2007 both for 350$. Is it too much? decent?

I believe the 2005 KH use onza hub which are not ISIS compatible. Am I right?

Hi Rod,

the 2005 (+/- a year) is using the KH/Onza hub. It is easy to recognize it as it is bigger and all black with tubular cranks (either 125, 150 or 165mm). And yes, it isn’t yet ISIS interface (it is BMX splinned interface (48 splined) ).

The first ISIS hub produced by KH is blue and came out in 2006 or 2007 with KH cut-outs on the flanges.

This one comes up on Craigslist in Oregon:

Mostly right, and normally I would let it go except that the KH/Onza spline was unique. It is a 36 spline 20mm spindle, and not compatible with the Profile BMX standard.

I have a couple of wheels with these hubs and cranks. If you are okay with having little or no crank choice it works great. They are lighter than Moments, and very strong (maybe as strong I don’t know). That said I wouldn’t pay more than $250 for an '05 KH. It’s still a great uni, but they have come a long way in small steps since then.

Thanks for the technical adjustment jtrops. I have been too lazy to count the splines on mine when I had one and never tried BMX cranks as they were always too long (165 and longer).

For the weight, my pair of 165mm was around 600g so I would say equal to Moments for strength and weight.

That’s interesting about the weight. Maybe some day I’ll weigh my 150’s and see.

I only mentioned the spline info so that anyone looking at this thread wouldn’t buy a KH/Onza hub thinking Profile (or similar) cranks would work on it.

I paid $100 (AUD) for my old KH trials. The guy who sold it to me dissed the paint job his son had done but I liked the distressed red look.

I admire the simple engineering of the cranks which appear quite indestructible for anything short of being run over by a truck. There is plenty to stand on yet they are smooth.

I don’t care about changing the crank length. What it has is good enough to learn a little about trials without having cost much.

I also found it to be the perfect for learners on the front lawn because the big Maxxis works quite well on grass. I just loaned to so my son who doing just fine after his third lesson.

I occasionally ride it down through the park and our back yard. It is my “tractor” uni.