KH 29er on eBay

The Reserve Price

I asked what the reserve was set at and was given the response of $399.

I also asked him about the Qu-ax Crossfire, and he is looking to get $249.

just thought I would pass on the info

I don’t even consider bidding on items when the seller can’t write properly. It just looks totally careless, and makes me think they’re trying to mug you off.

That seems pretty limiting. Honesty, reliability and grammar don’t always go together.

No, but proper grammar/spelling and professionalism often do.

If you want to be taken seriously, take what you do seriously.

Of course there’s nothing saying Englsh is this guy’s first language, but genreally I would agree with you. Also the fact that he’s put two items in the same auction, and is using the stock photo of the later is all a bit dodgey.

i wouldnt gp by they’re spelling and whatever, its the rating that i look at, and hes only got one negative feedback.

As someone said before me, I don’t think English is his native language, hence the grammatical errors. His errors were from sentence structure as well, not misspellings. (he does use a couple words like “don’t” instead of “doesn’t” though.

I would trust him.

-Miles wow :thinking: :smiley:

That seller also has a KH29 and two KH24s on eBay. The 29er is listed as having the 150 cranks (single hole, I guess) and a WTB Stout tire. Is that a new spec on the 29er? I’ve seen Kris talk about that tire, but haven’t heard if he’s changed the spec from the Nevegal to that.

ok, it’s still cool though…