KH 29er got here yesterday

And since then i have logged a good 14 hours or so on it. I dont have time to do a proper write up as I am going to go out and take advantage of the dry weather as it is supposed to snow tomorrow. But expect pictures and such later.

For now all i will say is that it has exceeded any expectations which i had. It is a beast, a very sexy beast. I love the color, i didnt know it would be so pretty…Ride wise it is sooo smooth i feel like im floating…the double holed cranks are a great feature…

time to go ride

OOO! Pictures Now! I want to see those cranks.

The box waiting for me in my room when i got home(yes i know my room is trashed)

Opened the box

Lay everything out and make sure its all there

Close up of the double holed cranks

the seatpost clamp was nicked when it got here:( (oh well its still a sexy uni)

me and my babies outside

my first go on it.

a funny label in the pedal box

haha sweet as, ur so lucky, i wanna get a KH Muni not sure what size tho, but i still have to sort out the $800 haha :frowning:

goodluck with ur new uni tho:)

now for a short review dealio…

Firstly, i was very impressed with the size of this thing and was very suprised by how light it is.

I assembled it all and put the pedals on, I decided I would try the 150mm setting first. I freemounted it my second try and rode down my driveway, I was laughing the whole time because I felt so high up! It was a little bit of a reach for the pedals so I cut about an inch off the seatpost and took it back out, it felt much better and I wasn’t as scared to really crank it hard.

Going faster than I could run on one wheel was a new experience for me and there is nothing else in the world quite like it, after cruising around my neighborhood and the park for an hour or so I felt comfortable enough to take it on some fast singletrack/fireroad near my house.

I felt like I was floating across the hardpacked dirt and was able to easily clear small drops and power up hills, I cruised back up to my house to switch the pedals to the 125mm setting to see what that was like.

I live on a hill, and taking it down the hill with the 125’s I felt like I could let the wheel have a little bit more freedom to roll. On flat sections i didn’t feel like I had quite as much control and felt like I was more shaky. I cruised around my neighborhood some more on the 125’s. One thing I noticed is that i get alot more attention and people slowing down to take a look at me on the 29er as opposed to on my 20".

I wanted to see what it was like on a steep climb so I rode over to a hill not far from my house and began to power up the hill, I made it about halfway before UPDing(my first one since i got it) I rode back down to the bottom of the hill to start from the begining, I brought my pedal wrench with me and switched it to the 150’s again and rode up the hill all the way with much more ease. There was a somewhat chubby kid about halfway up the hill on his bike and so I got a little cocky and just to show off I passed him going up the hill.

Overall I am very pleased with it, today I took it to North Table mountain which is basically just a long singletrack climb with a few mildly technical sections. I was able to succesfully clear most the obstacles, coming down was more difficult than going up due to the fact I don’t have a brake and keeping the wheel under control is somewhat hard. I think downhill riding will be more enjoyable once I have a brake.

Thats about all i can think of for now…

Sorry my write up probably isn’t the best. Who do you think I am, mikefule or something?

You’re so lucky man. I wish i could get that uni. Nice write up and NICE pics!

Nice Writeup

Good Luck on your new beast! I enjoyed the writeup!

I am the proud owner of a KH29 2005. I am very happy with the 150mm cranks. I still have the round black KH/Onza cranks. I would not be switching the pedals back and forth often. It will wear away the treading. I ride a lot on agricultural tractor roads with tractor tread marks in them. Therefore the 150s are great. When I do go on the road I wish that I had 125s. But I find the road kind of boring. If I have to start comuting to work I would switch to 125s permanently.

I also own a KH24 2007 and let me tel you WOW. Kris knows what he is doing!

Have fun on that new thing!


Where the heck did those double-drilled cranks come from?!?

They’re standard gear on the kh29 now afaik. that or an option. KH makes them in any case, they’re not after market.

thats exactly what i want to know!

Are they in any online catalog? What are the lengths?

Edit: I found a pic at (They’re 125/150mm)

He probably ordered it with the KH 29 :thinking:

They come standard on it now, you guys must have missed this thread: Updates to Spring'07 KH unis

Aha! Yes, I missed that one. Thanks, Brian.

Oh ok, thanks for that Brian. :smiley: It’s still purdy. :smiley:

We currently have a couple of the new KH 29s (with the double holed cranks) available. They are listed as unavailable on our website because our supplier ran out, but we have a couple in our actual shop:

If you would like to order one, go to the site and email me. Shipping is $20.00 to most US destinations.

Cullen @

Wife won’t understand…Must…not…click.

I clicked anyway … it’s on the way now …


I get a 24 from them. should be here this friday.

I’m really hoping it has the doubledrilled cranks, but idk.